Please evaluate my profile to top 5 b-schools

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Please evaluate my profile to top 5 b-schools

by ho25 » Tue May 22, 2018 12:11 am

Thank you in advance for your evaluation.

I'm applying to b-school this year (round 1 & 2) and want to get into top 5 (HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, MIT) b-school and INSEAD. I'm worried that my low UG GPA will hinder my chances at these schools and wondering if I can do anything to highlight or improve my chances. Here is my stats

- 27-year old Asian females
- GPA: 3.43 in finance at a top 60 US universities ( I have no excuse, but regrets)
- Passed CFA level II
- GMAT: aiming for 700
- WE: >3 year at the largest securities firm in a Southeast Asia country
My story is about how I founded an education chain company. It is the fastest-growing education chain with nearly 1,000 students. After my MBA, I want to come back to my firm and transform it to be the largest education company in my country. I have worked out my personal statement and why MBA essays. I've got 3 recommendation letters from my boss/colleague. All that's left is GMAT which I must aim for at least 700. Please evaluate my chances at top 5 and if I can do anything to add value to my application. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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Re: top 5 b-schools to study finance, economics and domyhomeworkonline

To narrow down the schools, you need to compare the acceptance rate in each of them. In an overall contrast table, I saw that Booth has way more benefits and resources for a finance student.

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I think your overall profile is good. For your slightly lower GPA, you have CFA II cleared and a good GMAT score (I say a 720+ for your top schools, however, depends on your application presentation). You have not provided many details of your experience at the Securities firm, but I am assuming it a great one with huge impacts of yours since the firm is the largest one. Yes, your story of education startup seems good. For your applications, I have an advice, please try to bring a good blend of professional and personal mix in your application (do not just talk about your work or startup). Also, the schools you are targeting are all reach or target schools, so, I say consider schools like tuck, Anderson, Johnson to create a balance between target and safety schools. If you need any other guidance to choose schools or need our help with essay reviews etc, feel free to book a free session with us as per your convenience.

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