Please evaluate my profile (Thanks!)

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Please evaluate my profile (Thanks!)

by antoner » Sun May 25, 2008 9:54 am

My GPA out of college was a 3.8 from a top 10 National Liberal Arts college where I majored in Economics, minored in Computer Science, and took extensive classes in Politics and Philosophy.

My extracurricular activities in college included 3 concurrent part time jobs as a Computer Science tutor/grader, research assistant for one of my economics professors, and a research assistant / scholar position within a Political Economics research institution based in my alma mater.

My GMat score is 710 (Q49-89% / V37-82%) with an AWA of 4.5.

I began my career as business analyst with a technology startup company funded by a major aerospace manufacturer. My primary role there was to develop business cases for new product initiatives, present the financial value proposition to the airline customers, and develop / negotiate pricing with the airlines. I was promoted ahead of schedule in this company twice
during the 42 months I was there.

When the startup company had to shutdown and I moved to a larger division within the startup's parent company, which is where I presently work. My primary role has been to lead the analysis of strategic planning projects that involve new or derivative airplane business decisions that
may involve international joint ventures, partnerships, or entry into new markets. Later this month, I will also begin teaching internal classes to managers with non-business backgrounds on Decision Analysis and how to improve Business Acumen. I have been promoted once during the 18 months I have been here, which is also ahead of schedule.

I also plan to complete a Masters Certificate in Project Management and get my Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in September of this year.

My extracurricular activities include serving as the President of my condominium's Homeowners Association. Last year, I also Volunteered to help lead alumni fundraising for my alma mater. I also participated in a business competition run by a professional association that I belong to.

My outside interests include contributing to the online Flight Simulation community by developing freeware cockpit panels for others to use. One of my designs received very positive reviews by a prominent online Flight Simulator Magazine.

I plan to apply to a full time MBA program in Fall 2009. Ideally I would like to attend a program that is strong in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. Wharton and Chicago are my top choices but because these schools are so difficult to get into, I would appreciate your help and guidance:

1. Is my profile even competitive for these schools?

2. Should I retake the GMAT given that my AWA and Verbal scores are on the low side?

3. Does working with and traveling to international customers (based in Latin America, Europe, and India) and collaborating with and traveling to business partners (from Russia and France) constitute international experience or do Business Schools only define international experience as being based in an international office for a specific period of time?

4. What areas should I focus on improving in the next few months?

Thank you very much!

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Tue May 27, 2008 11:44 am
Hi Atoner,

Thanks for your post. Based on your profile, I think you are a strong candidate for all of the schools mentioned in your post.

To your questions:

1. I would NOT retake the GMAT. I think you have a competitive score and since you have a stellar GPA, I feel that you have already proven to AdCom that you can handle the academic rigor of a top MBA program.

2. Instead of retaking the GMAT, I would spend your 'time' on perfecting your essays and applying in R1 for all of your schools. I do believe that R1 gives you a slight advantage, which will be esp important this year, as admissions into top MBA programs will be ultra competitive.

3. I dont think there is much you can do to make a significant improvement with your profile. Instead, focus on your 'story' and how you will sell your candidacy in your essays.

What makes you unique amongst the hundreds of applicants with similar backgrounds? Think about how you will bridge all your experiences together (including your intl. experience & ECs which is a great way to differentiate yourself) - and how they ALONG with the MBA will help you achieve your short and long term goals.

4. Make sure you interact with the school - via campus visits, info sessions, reaching out to alumni. Make sure the school's know you are interested in their program.

Good luck!

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