EMPOWERgmat got me the score I wanted in just 1 month

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I chose EMPOWERgmat as my study tool this summer because of the reasonable price and flexibility of the course. I was able to complete the course on my own terms and also learned a lot from the vast resources available from my purchase.

I took the GMAT this summer after graduating from college, and before I started working full-time in mid-September. I greatly valued having the ability to enjoy my free time this summer, while also being productive by studying for this exam and taking it before I started working. I now have the score available to me for 5 years and plan on using it to apply for business school sometime down the road.

The material offered through the instructional videos was great. They contained tips and tricks for tackling specific kinds of questions both the quant and verbal sections, along with sample questions and explanations to further reinforce the material. I studied for a couple hours a day about 3-4 times a week for about 4-5 weeks, and scored a 690 on my first and only attempt. I could not be happier with the experience I had with this program.

I have since recommended this program to anyone I know looking to take the GMAT. I think it is perfect for anyone who has the free time I had during my summer, or anyone who is working full-time and needs a flexible study option to prepare for the exam outside of work. It is also very inexpensive compared to other programs such as Kaplan and Princeton Review. Looking back, I would not have changed anything about how I prepped for this.


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by [email protected] » Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:57 pm
Hi afortunato,

That's OUTSTANDING news! With a 690, you have a score that's just a bit shy of the 90th percentile, so you can comfortably apply to any Business Schools that interest you. You made a smart choice in focusing on the GMAT far in advance of when you'll ultimately need that Score (since you've mentioned that you won't be applying to Business School until sometime later), so I suspect that you'll approach the Application Process in the same forward-thinking fashion. When you do decide to apply, you might want to consult with an Admissions Expert. There's a forum full of those Experts here:

https://www.beatthegmat.com/ask-an-mba-a ... t-f40.html

Since you're now an EMPOWERgmat Alum, we can also set you up with our 'go-to' Expert, if/when you're interested in discussing your application strategy. You can contact me (or the Support Team) and we can take care of it.

Congrats again on your success!

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