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New to Beat the GMAT

by dmccloud74 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:20 am

I'm a new member to Beat the GMAT and I'm looking forward to learning as I prepare to take the GMAT in late 2011. I'm transitioning from a 10 year career in the non-profit arts to the private sector. I have a BS in management and a minor in accounting with some graduate coursework in arts administration.

Preparing for the GMAT will be a challenge, since I barely remember any math concepts and advance grammar. However, I did extremely well in math in HS and college, so I have the aptitude to learn. I do feel like I'm starting from scratch and will probably take a refresher course. I have yet to take a practice exam. I'm too afraid to see how low my score will be at this point and I would prefer to familiarize myself with the test first.

In terms of MBA programs, I'm based in Seattle and I'm only applying to the UW evening program and the PT- MBA at Seattle University. The average GMAT scores for their MBA students are below 700. So, don't need a super high score to get accepted.

As a result, I'm seeking advice from members on study plans and courses appropriate for those that need a serious refresher and not necessarily seeking to be in the 700's. Thanks in advance for any advice.



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by arora007 » Mon May 02, 2011 7:44 am
Hi Denee, welcome to the BTG forum.
To quickly start off with things I would suggest you to register yourself on
and download the test software - GMATPrep . You would need to defeat your fears and give a diagnostic test. It shall give you a fair bit of idea as to which sections and which areas you need to work on, choose a book accordingly.
The Official Guide is the recommended book for all sections of the GMAT as it contains real retired questions, they give you a feel of the questions on the real test. The 60 day GMAT study guide is a good study guide. Hang around more on the forums and participate, you will automatically get into the GMAT groove and get a decent score! Wish u all the very best!!
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