New RC: The science of color management

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The science of color management developed in response to a very specific need: the successful development of high-volume assembly lines required strict quality control across a number of parameters, including color. Engineers developed measurement devices, such as colorimeters and spectrophotometers, to create profiles of various colors. A profile from a particular machine could then be referenced to a standard color space, or set of definitions for establishing particular colors. In this way, the profile data for a specific color was “standardized” and could be transferred among different color creation and calibration machines, allowing, for example, six automobile assembly lines located in two different states to produce thousands of identically-hued silver sedans over a period of months.

In the 1990's, color management companies began adapting their color measurement expertise to the healthcare field. One company, for example, created a cholesterol test that negated the typical requirements for patients to fast before the test and have blood drawn, making the test much cheaper and easier to administer. Drops of two different liquids, digitonin and an enzyme substrate, are placed sequentially on the patient’s palm. First, the digitonin binds to cholesterol present in the skin; then, the enzyme substrate causes a color-change reaction that is dependent upon the patient’s cholesterol level. The doctor or technician can quantify the precise level by measuring the color change with a spectrophotometer. Such novel applications promise to have as far-reaching an impact on the healthcare industry as the first color measurement products had on early assembly-line businesses nearly a century ago.

1) The passage is primarily concerned with which of the following?

A) Detailing the analogous application of a technology in two different industries.
B) Debating the historical significance of a particular type of technology.
C) Contrasting two different types of technologies.
D) Explaining the technical aspects of a new technology.
E) Comparing the historical development and success of two different industries.


2) Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
A) A colorimeter can also be used in the color-based cholesterol test.
B) Color management companies will continue to develop healthcare applications.
C) Color management science would not have been developed had the automotive industry not needed the technology.
D) Color management products are applicable to industries beyond automotive and healthcare.
E) Before color management technology was developed, it was difficult to produce a large volume of cars with precisely equal colors.


3) According to the passage, all of the following are accurate EXCEPT
A) a spectrophotometer can measure the change in color of a particular substance or surface
B) color management technologies have been successfully applied to multiple industries
C) a color profile is a collection of definitions used to produce colors
D) it is necessary to apply the digitonin before the enzyme substrate in order for the cholesterol test to work properly
E) color profiles allow companies to apply standardized metrics across an entire product line


Submit your explanations. Thank you.

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