New MBA admissions book: from the inside

Launched September 22, 2008
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We have just launched, Becoming A Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions. This is a book I wrote to help provide a 360 degree view of MBA admissions. It is a short read (4-5 hours), which will provide you a thorough understanding of how the admissions process works, and why it works that way.

More details of the book are here: ... dmissions/

cheers, alex
New Book! Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions. ... dmissions/

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First of all, surely the "relevant metric" for an MBA should be management experience, and despite other factors certainly being part of an application, to play down the importance of the only thing which a business school cannot give you is a tacit admission (no pun intended) that the MBA, especially in the United States.

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