Jack Welch - Online MBA - why this may be different

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Jack Welch recently announced that he would be launching an online MBA (https://www.businessweek.com/bschools/co ... 962094.htm). He claims he will be heavily involved in curriculum development, even teaching, the managerial principles that made him one of the most revered executives of all time.

Yawn. For Jack Welch's online MBA to be truly novel, he will need to lean on his sizable corporate rolodex from a post graduate employment perspective. That is, he must convince corporate recruiters that a product of his online university, would be equally (or better) adept at solving problems than traditional schools. If Welch makes a few calls to GE and ex-GE execs ( Home Depot, Best Buy, etc), he could influence hiring from his online MBA graduates and this could become a revolutionary education format, one that would threaten traditional schools. If not, it will disappear into the muck of already crowded online education options. Wait and see.

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