HIGHLY Recommend Scott Edinburgh @ Personal MBA Coach

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I am a first year MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School and I have Scott Edinburgh to thank for it!

It was a long, yet incredibly transformative journey to business school and I can certainly say that I would not have been able to do it without the help of Scott. Being there every step of the way, Scott will help you craft a strategy that helps present your best self in your B-School applications. He dives deep and curates your brand, your story, your resume, your letters of recommendation requests, and your essays line by line, going through as many iterations as you need to be confident in what you are submitting to admissions.

When it comes time to interview, Scott will strengthen your interviewing skills by helping you identify and refine your behavioral stories, administering 1-on-1 mock interview sessions, and giving feedback on your video interview samples. All of this mentally trains and prepares you for when you finally come face to face with the business school interviewers.

Why did I pick Scott? I interviewed ~10 different MBA coaches before finalizing Scott and the reason was simple: Scott really cares about you and is truly vested in your success. And this became increasingly evident as Scott fielded countless questions and emails from me and VERY PATIENTLY supported me through all the stressful "freak outs" and breakdowns. The MBA application process is tough, arduous process. Scott Edinburgh is someone who can help alleviate a lot of that pressure and set you up for true success!