need feedback on application wrt Top 10-15 Colleges

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Brief about me.
Male - 30
Nationality - Indian
Education - Graduate in Fashion Technology from National Institute of Fashion Technology with average CGPA score and marks in high schools
Work experience - Initial 2 years as merchandiser in factory (Industry)
- Then 1 year as manager in E-commerce company (Start-up)
- Again 2 year as manager in E-commerce company (Start-up)
- Now 1+ year entrepreneur, running my own business

GMAT - My GMAT trial score was 650, I aim to achieve ~730 in actual attempt by march end 2017

Hence my education is unconventional as in fashion field ( Though college is India's no 1 college in that field), my work experience is also with variety from industry to sophisticated tech-based startups (though both factory and start-ups were fashion based ) and to self-employment.

I am not sure how application looks like here.
this unconventional education is good or bad ?
such variation in work domain is good or bad ?
self-employment is good or bad ?

Thanks in advance


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by [email protected] » Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:47 am
Regardless of the type of work experience, focus on your contribution and impact, and make sure you have a cojent path for wanting to get the MBA. Also, app,y in the first round if you can. cheers, Alex
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