Need a help..dont know from where to start ...?

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Hi All,

I have already appeared in the gmat twice and always got a really really low score.My target is big but result is small.I am really stressed out and don't know from where to start.I want to work on my weaknesses on both verbal as well as quant but don't know which book will be the best one for me as i am really weak in both.So am looking for something really basic and simple and can help me built a strong foundation.My latest score was 400.So i have to work for 300 more points.I have 4 months with me to prepare.Kindly help.


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by agautam » Tue May 28, 2013 1:10 pm
To start with I got 660 twice before getting 730 .. I know people who have given GMAT 5 times and were able to finally get a great score. One thing is GMAT is a tough exam so it is OK. For me math was no issue but verbal was and hence i got 31 twice. if you are weak in both the sections I would give the GMAT more time the 3rd time and don't rush into it. With preparation you would be able to achieve the results, but be realistic don't be unrealistic.

Books for Quant - I did the manhattan books ( Hardly prepared for quant)
Verbal - I referred to Blue book for grammar - and practices from the gmat book ( One thing is that GMAT book isthe best place for practice) section wide
Sentence correction - Solid grammar book ( Blue book I have heard is good)
Critical reasoning - Bible for CR
Reading comprehension - GMAT passages and read the science articles , i have heard New york times also helps

One thing which helped me a lot was breaking the verbal down into three of its components and doing 1 hr practice for each. Try doing the same.

Hope this helps ...

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by amanpreet » Fri May 31, 2013 8:28 am
Thanks Ashwini for are ryt.This time
I am not going to rush.I have jotted down all my weak areas
So m going to work on those areas first.I have all the material u have mentioned accept blue book.And where can i find that.Plus how can i use my old matetial as Well as mock tests.This time i am planning to spend 4-5 months for my prepration.I hope that much time will be enough.