My scores (530) aren't reflective of my efforts: EXIT GMAT PLATEAU?

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Hi, Hope you are doing well and safe. Please advise or share thoughts on how I can change my approach.

TLDR: My score has been stagnant at 530 for a month now and I need your help.
What did you do to get out this zone? Kindly share Tips, books or posts here. Thanks :D

A little bit about me,
- I work full-time, but, I make sure that I study for 1.5 - 2 hours/day. I practise with time constraints (3 RCs, 5 SCs, and 5 CRs) and review my answers. I have been using Magoosh (Videos), MGMAT and Powerscore CR (books).
- Started preparing in November 2020 (5 months ago) - 6 month study plan but I realised that I needed more time.
- Planning to write GMAT in June 2021.
- Non-native English speaker. However, I work with US clients on a day to day basis and am fairly good with the language.

- Started taking GMATprep fulltests to get myself accustomed for the actual test (3 hours)

The actual problem,
Preparations doesn't seem to affect my scores,
530 (Q42 V23) (end of feb)
540 (Q36 V27) (early march)
530 (Q38 V25) (mid march)

Errors from my prospective,

- Comfortable with RC (while practising), however, I panic and skip 2 RCs in the test (Averaging at 30%). I plan not to skip RC at any cost next time.
- All SC rules I learnt fly out of the window while taking the exam. Feels more like, I am going with my ear most of the time. (Averaging at 50%)
- Powerscore CR (book), has been quite helpful tbh. However, I still average at 50%.
- Familiar with Quant topics. I plan to start practising them everyday. [ Wanted to improve Verbal first].

Kindly share your thoughts on how I can change my approach to improve this or approach this efficiently (1.5 - 2.5 hours/day)

Thanks and stay awesome. B-)


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HI Vijaybrooks8,

It has been over a month since your initial post. Can you tell me how things have been coming along? Also, if you still need some GMAT prep advice, I have two helpful articles to check out.

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