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My Profile Evaluation

by Gagan Reddy » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:35 am

Do guide and evaluate me . My target schools are Harvard , Stanford 2+2 Mba Programmes.

Age - 20
Nationality - Indian

Education - Bishops School Pune for high school and junior college (top 3 in india)
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research UG in BBA IT.
Currently in my 2nd year
CGP- 7.99/10.00

Internships - 3 Internships as Digital marketer , Sales Operations head.
Event Volunteer ship - 1 for Nasscom
NGO Volunteer ship -2 for underprivileged kids , Cancer patients.

Extra curricular - Zonal level Boxer(Bronze) , District level Cricket , District level Tennis player.
Iken scientifica Zonal

Also Graduated from Udacity Digital Marketing

Selected for summer school in Leeds Beckett University Uk . However choose not to go.

Founder and management head of clubs in my college which conducted various events.

How should I go about ? What more should I do? Will I be selected with a good gmat score?


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by MargaretStrother » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:06 am
Looks like you've got some great stuff here! Whether you would be accepted is always hard to guess, especially before your GMAT, but so far you have a lot of your ducks in a row. I notice that you turned down an opportunity to study abroad; don't omit international exposure in the future -- this is very important to Harvard and Stanford. So if you have other international study in your background, be sure to highlight that.
Leadership is the other strong factor that I'm having trouble assessing in what you wrote here: 'founder and leader of clubs" is important, so make the most of it. We'd want to see what clubs, how many members, the size and scope of events you planned. All top MBA programs, even 2+2 programs, value leadership roles highly.
To summarize: looks great so far! Be sure you make well-researched, planned next steps as well.
Good luck!
Margaret Strother
Margaret Strother
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by Abhyank » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:08 am
Hey there,

As you have not completed graduation yet, I would say you have a lot of chances to make your already better profile great. A good CGPA score and education from top-Indian schools speaks volumes about your academic skills.
In addition to this, work experience through internships in digital marketing and an internship with an NGO reflects the experience of community work and helps in establishing you as a people's person. Participation in various sports like boxing, cricket, tennis reflects gives great diversity to your profile.

On the other hand, missing an international opportunity is not a good idea as international exposure is valued highly by schools like Harvard and Stanford. Having said that, I would say you could increase your chances of getting admission into these highly reputed schools by:

1. Aiming for a 700+ Gmat score.
2. You can do so business-oriented internships or courses via MOOC's
3. Gaining international exposure through exchange programs or projects.
4. Creating a more diverse profile.
5. Crafting perfect essays that would reflect all experiences succinctly.

Adcoms are interested in knowing the learnings so remember to exemplify them. Highlight the clubs, associations you have been part of and showcase the skills you have gained over there.
In the end, I'd say that you should note that there are always many more applications than places available at LSE and possession of the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee that you will be offered admission. It is therefore in your interest to apply as early as possible.
You can take of free profile evaluation and get an accurate assessment of your profile.

Hope this helps.
Abhyank Srinet
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