My Profile Evaluation: NYU Part Time MBA

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My Profile Evaluation: NYU Part Time MBA

by mao1097 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:30 am
Hi there,

I'm considering applying to the NYU Stern Langone Part-Time MBA and would love an idea of how competitive my chances are at getting in. Please see my profile below:

-GPA, major, school:
--GPA: 3.62
--Major: Communication Studies with Business Foundations Certificate (more hours than a minor but less than a major)
--School: University of Texas at Austin

GMAT with breakdown
--I took the GRE. Breaks down as follows:
---Quant: 155 (58th percentile)
---Verbal: 160 (86th percentile)
---Analytical Writing: 5.5 (98th percentile)

resume highlights, including company name, job titles and promotions
--Communications Intern for 2 years at Daimler mobility startup (recruited to return for second internship)
--Marketing Intern at small home renovation company - started as intern, was hired as freelance writer for 6 months then was subsequently recruited as first ever Community Manager (1 year total) - held this position while also maintaining PR internship
--Business Development Intern at Omnicom Agency (leaving out name for confidentiality purposes) - subsequently hired full time; now in position for almost a year

- extracurricular involvements
--Sorority in college - Philanthropy Committee chair for nonprofit beneficiary fundraising (3 yrs)

awards, patents, publications, etc...
interesting personal facts - countries lived in, challenges faced, unusual interests
--Studied abroad in Seville, Spain for 6 months
--fluent in Spanish
--Various Hubspot and Salesforce professional certifications



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by MargaretStrother » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:16 am
Hi and thanks for your post!
Looking at what you have here, your GPA is super and your internships/extracurriculars look strong as well. The international exposure is fantastic!
However, the Q on your GRE needs work -- it would be hard to convince NYU that you could keep up with your class unless the Q is up around 65-70%. You'll want to retake that, and/or take some MBA-for-management type courses to bolster that area of weakness.
My biggest area of concern would be that you don't appear to have any work experience as yet. Internships don't really count; part-time MBAs generally target people who have been employed for a couple of years and want to keep their career track going while studying. If you look at the incoming class statistics, there are always some people with '0' work experience, but the average is over 5 years. That is a good indication of what the program focuses on, and it somewhat lowers your chances if you try to be a total exception.
So my feeling about your application, just based on what you submitted in your post, is that it's too soon for this particular program. Find a job you love, put a couple of years into it, and then you'd be ready to start looking at Stern Langone.
I'm also curious why a part-time MBA, and what your professional goals are, given that your background is in communications. What is your post-MBA goal role, and why do you need the NYU MBA for that role?

Good luck,
Margaret Strother
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