My 730 under two months with EmpowerGMAT

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Hi there,

Just want to share my experience with EmpowerGMAT. I normally don't do feedback on anything, but this product has been extremely helpful for me to achieve 730.

I started thinking about MBA in mid April, and jumped right on GMAT. Most of my friends recommended Manhattan Prep and other big companies, but I chose EmpowerGMAT after seeing it at the forum and decided to try bc of the price and reviews.

Originally, I gave myself three months and booked the test for late July, but the self-paced learning was very smooth and easy, so I ended up learning more everyday. By mid-May, after doing prep tests almost every 10 days and saw my score going up to 700, I decided to book an online GMAT end of June.

Basically, I dedicate 2 hours everyday, going through the modules on EmpowerGMAT and OG, and that's it. End of June, I got my official score of 730 and cancelled my July test.

My prep tests scores were 630 (without studying) - 690 - 650 - 700 - 700 - 720.

Honestly, I think the design of the modules and the tactics are very efficient. EMPOWER only uses examples from the OG, so everything I saw during my prep was only from the official channel, which it's extremely important. At the end, I was so familiar with the style of the questions. Even though I still couldn't figure out sometimes why the right answer was right, but I could guess out the right answers just because I was too familiar with the question style. It's also self-paced, so you can fast-forward if it's something you're familiar with (for me, it's Quant).

I followed the EMPOWER study plan, plus I had my own plan to answer all the OG questions in 40 days, and used 20 days to re-answer all the wrong questions. Spent max 2 hours a day.

Of course, GMAT is a personal thing, and takes a lot of dedication, so everyone is different. I'm all about efficiency, and this company found the most efficient way to tackle GMAT.

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Re: My 730 under two months with EmpowerGMAT

by Niketd » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:42 am