Most people can gain vitamin C from fruits such as oranges a

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Most people can gain vitamin C from fruits such as oranges and cantaloupes. People with Laestrygonian Disease have weakened digestive systems that cannot digest fruit or vitamin supplements. The easiest foods for these people to digest are grains such as rice and barley. Regular intake of vitamin C would be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from Laestrygonian Disease, so scientists have figured out a way to create "fortified rice" by infusing rice with high doses of vitamin C. This fortified rice will provide great benefit to those with Laestrygonian Disease.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which the conclusion depends?

(A) Eventually, this fortified rice will be the optimal way for most people to have a regular intake of vitamin C.

(B) The problems that folks with Laestrygonian Disease have digesting fruit are different from their problems digesting vitamin supplements.

(C) People with Laestrygonian Disease will not be unable to assimilate the form of vitamin C that is present in the fortified rice.

(D) Only people whose diets consist largely of grains would be able to derive benefit from the vitamin C in the fortified rice.

(E) Vitamin C is the only nutrient which can be infused into rice in such high quantities without compromising the nutritional integrity of the vitamin.

Assumptions questions are important on the GMAT CR. For three more assumption practice questions, as well as the OA & OE for this particular questions, see: ... questions/

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