Medical Student Interested in MBA - Profile Eval/Advice..

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I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on what I could do for the next couple years to strengthen my application for business schools. I am currently a first-year medical student and looking to apply to MBA school between my 3rd and 4th year in medical school. I would prefer to apply to European schools, as they have one year programs, but am open to any suggestions. Thanks!


GPA - 3.72

GMAT - Taking it this summer

Research - Currently working on over a dozen projects related to orthopaedic surgery as a Research Assistant at 3 different institutions, including some cost-effectiveness studies; hoping to have completed at least 20 projects by the time I am applying for business school

Community Service - Volunteered as an emergency medical technician for 6 years
- Led a project to develop an entire emergency medical services system in a rural town
in the Dominican Republic
- Student Training Coordinator for the student-led clinics at my medical school, which
includes 5 different clinics in under-served areas of Philadelphia

Internship (this summer) - World Health Organization: Emergency, Trauma, and Acute Care Unit

International Experience - Studied abroad in Costa Rica and United Kingdom and traveled to over 30 countries throughout my life - while in CR and UK, I did comparative analyses between the healthcare system of that respective country and that of the USA

Leadership - Throughout undergrad and now in med school, I have been very active outside of class, including serving on student government, leading student organizations, and starting new student organizations