Medical Student Interested in MBA - Profile Eval/Advice.

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I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on what I could do for the next couple years to strengthen my application for business schools. I am currently a first-year medical student and looking to apply to MBA school between my 3rd and 4th year in medical school. I would prefer to apply to European schools, as they have one year programs, but am open to any suggestions. Thanks!


GPA - 3.72

GMAT - Taking it this summer

Research - Currently working on over a dozen projects related to orthopaedic surgery as a Research Assistant at 3 different institutions, including some cost-effectiveness studies; hoping to have completed at least 20 projects by the time I am applying for business school

Community Service - Volunteered as an emergency medical technician for 6 years
- Led a project to develop an entire emergency medical services system in a rural town
in the Dominican Republic
- Student Training Coordinator for the student-led clinics at my medical school, which
includes 5 different clinics in under-served areas of Philadelphia

Internship (this summer) - World Health Organization: Emergency, Trauma, and Acute Care Unit

International Experience - Studied abroad in Costa Rica and United Kingdom and traveled to over 30 countries throughout my life - while in CR and UK, I did comparative analyses between the healthcare system of that respective country and that of the USA

Leadership - Throughout undergrad and now in med school, I have been very active outside of class, including serving on student government, leading student organizations, and starting new student organizations

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by [email protected] » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:04 pm
As you don't really have any work experience, which is a requirement for most MBA programs I am assuming we are talking about MiM programs here, and not MBA programs. So I hope I am right about that. You should know, however, that MiM programs are generally not 1 year programs.
I would also like to ask why you need a business degree. What do you plan to do after you have finished your degree? That could affect my recommendation as well.

But in general: you should get some working experience if possible, before applying and any additional leadership experience would be helpful as well.
And be clear about what you are going to do after your degree and how the degree will help you get there. I feel that part is not completely clear in your case yet, at least not in the information you have provided here.
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