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  1. (a) Explain the factors that led you to pursue a graduate business degree at this point in your life/career. (b) List the top three criteria in your selection of business schools and why Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business meets those expectations.
  2. (a) Explain the factors that led you to choose your current/most recent job. (b) Describe the most difficult/challenging situation you have faced professionally. (c) What are the top three reasons you have been successful in your career thus far?
  3. Larry Zicklin, for whom Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business is named, says ‘No Baruch, no Zicklin.’ For Mr. Zicklin the opportunities he found at Baruch College had a profound impact and helped shape a career and life filled with many successes. As you reflect on your life to date, discuss in detail a single opportunity that has shaped who you are professionally and/or personally.