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Key Statistics
  • Full-Time
    Full-Time MBA Rankings
    Full-Time MBA Employments
    • Median Base Salary: $78,060
    • Median Salary with Bonus: $133,334
    • Employed After Graduation: 93.0
    Application Essay Prompts
    • "The HKUST application has made few changes in the past few years, slightly modifying the phrasing of their two required essays of 500 words each. 

      Essay 1. The HKUST MBA mission is to inspire and transform individuals to be future business leaders for Asia and the world. We embrace diversity, and are looking for ambitious and open-minded candidates with a passion to contribute. It is the first day of orientation. Please introduce yourself to your classmates, highlighting what drives you in your personal and professional life. (500 words maximum) Each graduating class is comprised of 120 students from 28 countries. Since HKUST strives for diversity throughout this small group, each applicant must demonstrate a unique perspective and experiences. If your professional background is in a heavily represented group – IT or finance for example, then I highly recommend highlighting not only your most exceptional professional experience in this essay but also the personal qualities, extracurricular involvement and values that differentiate you. When in your professional or personal life have you demonstrated an open-mind and made a difference? These activities will prove your potential at HKUST.

      Essay 2. Tell us about your post-MBA goals and based on that, why is the HKUST MBA the ideal program for you and how do you plan to engage and enrich our community? (500 words) This is a traditional goals essay with only slightly modified phrasing from previous years. The new element lies in the second part of the question’s engagement and enrichment of the HKUST community. While in previous years applicants could spend all 500 words talking about how they will benefit from the HKUST education to reach their goals, the admissions office is making it clear that they expect to hear how you will enhance the education of your peers as well. What aspects of the program will you be able to contribute to most and how will your fellow classmates benefit?"

    Full-Time Key Statistics
    • Full-Time MBA Students: 89
    • Average GMAT: 680
    • GMAT Score Range: 580-720
    • Average Age: 28.0
    • Average Work Experience: 5.0 Years
    • Rolling Admissions: No
    • Students who are Women: 31.0%
    • International Students: 98.0%
    • Number of Applicants: 403
    • Online Application
    • Program Homepage
    • Deadline 1: 01/09/2019
    • Deadline 2: 03/13/2019
  • Executive
    Executive MBA Rankings
    Executive MBA Employments
    • Median Base Salary: $0
    • Median Salary with Bonus: $0
    • Employed After Graduation: 98.0
    Application Essay Prompts
    • none

    Executive Key Statistics
    • Executive MBA Students:
    • Average GMAT: 670
    • GMAT Score Range: 550-700
    • Average Age: 40.0
    • Average Work Experience: 16.0 Years
    • Rolling Admissions: No
    • Students who are Women: 22.0%
    • International Students: 62.0%
    • Number of Applicants:
    • Online Application
    • Program Homepage
    • Deadline 1: 09/30/2019
    • Deadline 2: 03/01/2020
Applicants by Industry
Consumer Products
Sales / Business Development
Financial Services
Advertising / Marketing
Applicants by Major
Business Administration
Social Sciences
Individual Applicants
User Round Status GMAT GPA Age Location Gender Major Work Experience Target Industry
0Not SureApplyingNot yet taken3.540
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Other (80 months)
Advertising / Marketing
0Not SureApplyingNot yet taken432
Delhi, India
MaleBusiness Administration
Financial Services (60 months)
0LaterApplyingNot yet taken3.5628
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Financial Services (40 months)
0LaterApplyingNot yet taken336
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
MaleBusiness Administration
Financial Services (11 months)
Financial Services
03ApplyingNot yet taken3.0129
Stockholm, Sweden
FemaleBusiness Administration
Consulting (12 months)
Healthcare / Biotech (72 months)
0Not SureApplyingNot yet taken337
Vancouver, Canada
MaleBusiness Administration
Other (156 months)
Financial Services
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Manufacturing (42 months)
Financial Services
0LaterApplyingNot yet taken2.530
Montreal, Canada
Consulting (39 months)
frankfurt, Germany
Financial Services (70 months)
Pasig, Philippines
MaleBusiness Administration
Other (78 months)
Financial Services
0Not SureApplying7303.130
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sales / Business Development (36 months)
03ApplyingNot yet taken3.133
chicago, IL, United States
High Tech (9 months)
Healthcare / Biotech
seoul, Korea, Republic of
Financial Services (48 months)
Financial Services
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