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  1. What has led you to pursue a graduate business degree? Please identify your short and long-term career objectives, an explanation of your decision to pursue this degree at this point in your life and your specific interest in the Cox School of Business. (500 word limit).
  2. Only Masters of Arts dual degree candidates (MA/MBA) need to answer question 2B. All other candidates must answer question 2A. Please ensure you submit the question which applies to your program of interest.
    • 2a. (MBA and JD/MBA students only) The Cox School of Business seeks students who desire to become leaders with purpose - those who will positively influence the global business community, whether in a small way or on a large scale. Think of a leader that you admire and the qualities that make them a good leader. How do you try to emulate these traits in your own professional or personal life? Have you been successful in putting these leadership qualities into practice? (500 word limit)
    • 2b. (Masters of Arts joint degree students only) How do you plan to make an impact on the arts/non-profit community and how specifically would your graduate education help you do so? (500 word limit)