Evaluating Different Types of MBA Programs

by Personal MBA Coach on Jun 17, 2021

Getting an MBA does not necessarily require taking two years off from work. While the traditional two-year program might be the best fit for many MBA hopefuls, there are [...]

GMAT Study Plan: The Best Way to Study for the GMAT

by Target Test Prep on Jun 15, 2021

Studying for the GMAT is a long and winding journey with many ups and downs, so it is absolutely essential to have a solid GMAT study plan in place [...]

SBC Launches MBA Social Impact Accelerator

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Jun 14, 2021

Stacy Blackman Consulting is introducing a first-of-its-kind resource for MBA applicants focused on social change. Every year over the past two decades, SBC has seen more and more [...]

Kellogg Essay Advice And Application Deadlines: 2021-2022

by Personal MBA Coach on Jun 10, 2021

Once again, Kellogg School of Management asks applicants to answer two essay questions. This year, Kellogg is minimizing changes by keeping the same two MBA application essays from the [...]

Your Career After an MBA

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Jun 7, 2021

Much of the conversation regarding the MBA centers around its value for career-switchers. Yet, the fact that many applicants pursue the degree to advance within their current field often [...]

Michigan Ross Essay Advice and Application Deadlines: 2021-2022

by Personal MBA Coach on Jun 4, 2021

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business has released its application deadlines and essays for this season. While the school offered four application rounds last year, they are [...]

How Much Time Does It Take to Apply to B-School?

by Vantage Point MBA on Jun 3, 2021

A question we often hear this time of year is “when should I start working on my MBA applications if I’m applying in the fall?” It seems so far [...]

Do This, Not That, if You're Reapplying to Business School

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Jun 1, 2021

Many business schools, even the most elite and well-ranked ones, welcome re-applicants. Reapplying shows that you are very serious about your interest in the program, as this Tuck School [...]

Is a One-Year MBA Program Right for You?

by Vantage Point MBA on May 27, 2021

In a climate where there has been increased debate about the ‘value for money’ you get from a traditional full time MBA program, you may wonder whether a one-year [...]

HBS Essay Advice and Application Deadlines: 2021-2022

by Personal MBA Coach on May 25, 2021

Once again, Harvard Business School was the first to announce its essay questions for the upcoming business school application season, sharing MBA application deadlines and the required essay for [...]

HBS and Stanford: Admitted to Both, Then & Now

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on May 24, 2021

Each year, the SBC client pool includes candidates admitted to both Harvard Business School (HBS) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). We call these rare, "unicorn" applicants dual [...]

Comparing Top EU MBA Programs Vs. Top US Programs

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on May 17, 2021

INSEAD in France, London Business School, Oxford’s Saïd Business School, and Cambridge’s Judge Business School are among the top EU MBA programs. While INSEAD and LBS rank highest, HEC [...]

What Matters in Choosing an MBA Program

by Vantage Point MBA on May 14, 2021

When evaluating top MBA programs, rankings such as those published by U.S. News & World Report , Forbes, The Economist, and several others, are a logical starting point and [...]

2021 AIGAC Conference and the Latest Business School Admissions Trends

by Personal MBA Coach on May 12, 2021

This week has been a busy one for Personal MBA Coach and for the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) #AIGAC2021. As a member of the AIGAC Board [...]

Insider Intel for Columbia Business School Applicants

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on May 10, 2021

Is Columbia Business School on your shortlist of target MBA programs? Then you won't want to miss this conversation with a CBS insider. Today, we're excited to share a [...]

Do These Things to Ensure Your MBA Recommendations Are Stellar!

by Vantage Point MBA on May 5, 2021

As an MBA hopeful, you are undoubtedly aware that your MBA applications require letter(s) of recommendation to support your candidacy. You may wonder, how important are they to the [...]

Should I Get an MBA? Now? Find Out.

by Personal MBA Coach on May 4, 2021

As the 2021-2022 MBA application season kicks off, you may be wondering if this is the right time for you to pursue an MBA. Each year, Personal MBA Coaches [...]

An MBA in Entrepreneurship: How and Why to Use the MBA

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on May 3, 2021

Are you itching to start your own company and wondering whether an MBA in entrepreneurship can help you achieve that dream? Entrepreneurship is a hugely popular course of study [...]

How to Be a Leader at Work, Even When You’re (Still) Not “At Work”

by Vantage Point MBA on Apr 30, 2021

Every MBA hopeful is, or should be, considering how he or she can step up and lead at work, no matter their title or role. Highlighting an array of [...]

Answering Your GMAT, GRE & Executive Assessment Exam FAQs

by Personal MBA Coach on Apr 27, 2021

As we recently shared in our 5 month MBA application timeline , now is the perfect time for class of 2022 MBA hopefuls to begin their GMAT, GRE or [...]

Get Into Business School: 7 Tips From MBA Admissions Officers

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Apr 26, 2021

  Research the MBA program’s breadth of offerings Ensure your academic record is within range Gather intel to show LOVE Be true to yourself [...]

Successful MBA Applicants Have These Things in Common

by Vantage Point MBA on Apr 23, 2021

While many people think of January as the time to reflect, I find that spring – with its first warm days, sunlight extending a little later into the evening, [...]

How to Think About Your MBA Goals

by Personal MBA Coach on Apr 22, 2021

  “What do you want to do after you graduate from business school?” This seemingly simple question can actually be one of the most difficult to answer [...]

Harvard Business School Acceptance Rate, Deconstructed

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Apr 19, 2021

The Harvard Business School acceptance rate is the second-lowest of all MBA programs worldwide. It’s eclipsed only by Stanford GSB, in part because the GSB has a much smaller [...]

Personal MBA Coach’s 5 Month MBA Application Timeline

by Personal MBA Coach on Apr 15, 2021

April is upon us! This means that the first Round 1 deadline is likely just five months away. While the 2021-2022 MBA application deadlines and questions have not [...]

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