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The GMAT Or The GRE?

by on Sep 30, 2009

You may have heard that some business schools* have started accepting GRE scores in place of GMAT scores. And you may be thinking: “Awesome! I hear the GRE is easier. [...]

What Would You Ask The Makers Of The GMAT?

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 28, 2009

The Beat The GMAT Team will be traveling to New York City in a few weeks to attend the GMAT Test Prep Summit 2009, hosted by the Graduate Management Admission [...]

Asian Schools Up In The Downturn

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 28, 2009

The following guest post was written by David Williams, a writer for the QS World MBA Tour : The current downturn may be a key moment in the ongoing rise of [...]

How To Choose An MBA

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 25, 2009

The following guest post was written by Nunzio Quacquarelli, a director of the QS World MBA Tour : How do people decide whether to take an MBA and which school to [...]

Evaluating Your Practice Tests, Part 1 of 2

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 23, 2009

Practice tests are an invaluable component of any test-taker's study plan, but the most valuable thing is actually not the act of taking the practice test. Just taking a test [...]

Re-Learning How To Divide By Fractions

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 20, 2009

[youtube][/youtube] Dividing by fractions is one of the most commonly tested skills on the GMAT.  This skill is applied everywhere, from rate and work problems to tricky inequality questions.  Watch this [...]

Day In The Life: A New Kellogg MBA Student Goes Through Orientation

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 18, 2009

This week we are pleased to feature a special guest article by Angela Cheung, a first-year MMM student at the Kellogg School of Management.  The MMM program is a special [...]

Exponents And Roots On The GMAT

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 15, 2009

Exponents and roots are common in the quantitative section of the GMAT for one main reason: most test takers are not adept at manipulating them (multiplying, dividing, factoring, taking roots, [...]

Admissions Tip: Selecting Your Recommenders

by Clear Admit on Sep 10, 2009

Since many Beat The GMAT readers are now entering the crucial stages of this year’s b-school admissions cycle, we wanted to offer some basic tips on a critical variable in [...]

The First Year Of Business School

by Clear Admit on Sep 8, 2009

[youtube][/youtube] Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira talks about his experiences at HBS and offers detailed advice on the first year of business school . Which courses will you take? What will [...]

Analysis Of The New Official Guide For GMAT Books

by Clear Admit on Sep 7, 2009

We all use the Official Guide books to study, so it's big news that, this year, GMAC published (or is about to publish) new versions of all three books. For [...]

GMAT Strategies For The Verbally-Concerned, Part II

by Clear Admit on Sep 6, 2009

This week, we have the second half of an article written by guest-author Chris Ryan, Manhattan GMAT's intrepid Director of Instructor and Product Development. If you've used any Manhattan GMAT [...]

On The Subtleties Of GMAT Guessing

by Clear Admit on Sep 2, 2009

"The best way to win at Russian Roulette is to not play at all. Or you could just have the other guy go first and then run away quickly." --Unknown In [...]