The Giant GMAT Giveaway – Over $9,000 in Prizes for Top Members!:

Every day, Beat The GMAT members donate significant portions of their free time helping to help other members in their GMAT prep and MBA admissions journey. As a show of thanks for your generosity and community stewardship, Beat The GMAT and its Partners would like to reward the top 5 most active members to the forum with one of six giant GMAT prizes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Beat The GMAT will offer Giant GMAT Giveaway prizes to the top 5 members who contribute the most posts between January 21 and February 21. Beat The GMAT will announce the winners on February 22. A list of the top members can be seen on the right.
  2. The five most active members will be able to pick any one of the six prizes listed below
  3. Winners will need to periodically share their experiences about the products or services they've selected with the community

The Giant GMAT Giveaway Prize Options

Grockit Grockit GMAT Premier Membership and Tutor Office Hours
Kaplan GMAT New 2010 Kaplan GMAT Course and 3 Hours of Admissions Consulting
Knewton Knewton GMAT Prep Course
Manhattan GMAT 50% off In-Person Classroom Prep Courses
The Princeton Review GMAT Prep Option 1: GMAT Course (Classroom, LiveOnline, or Online) and The Princeton Review's Best 301 Business Schools Book

Option 2: Cracking the GMAT with DVD, 1,012 GMAT Practice Questions, Best 301 Business Schools, and Business School Essays
Veritas Prep Option 1: Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course

Option 2: Comprehensive 1-School MBA Admissions Consulting Package

Important Note About Eligibility

Please do not try to win the Giant GMAT Giveaway prizes by posting lots of extremely short posts with little substance. We're actively monitoring the Top 5 Member list. Anyone who tries to game the system will be immediately removed from the Top 5 Member list.

Questions & Answers

How do I become eligible?

All Beat The GMAT members are eligible. All you have to do is make sure that you’ve registered an account and to start posting in the forums!

Give me the details on how you will select winners.

We look at two criteria: first and foremost, on February 22, 2010 we will look at the Giant GMAT Giveaway leaderboard above and consider the top five members we see on that list. Next, of these top five members, we will review the quality of posts contributed by each member; people who write high-quality questions and/or responses in the community will be rewarded. Those that simply write a bunch of one-word responses, or messages that are meaningless won't be selected, and we will move down the list to the next member who would have appeared on the leaderboard.

How do I track how I’m doing as a Giant GMAT Giveaway candidate?

Check this page periodically to see whether your name is on the leaderboard. If you're listed in the top 5, then you're in the running!

Can I pick more than one offer?

You wish. Each person selected in this program can pick only one offer.

If I get selected as a Giant GMAT Giveaway Winner and choose a product/course, do I have to share my experiences?

Yup. We require that winners share their experiences periodically with Beat The GMAT so that the whole community can learn about your experiences with your course/product/company. We may ask you to check in two times (either written messages or recorded phone interview) and write a debrief upon completing your course/product.

Sharing your experience is mandatory—if you don’t do it then the company you’ve selected may charge you the full amount of the product/service you’ve selected.

If I win, is there a time limit on when I can take advantage of my prize?

Yup. You must redeem your prize before May 1, 2010.

Do you have more questions? Ask your questions in our support forum