Stacey Koprince

Manhattan Prep - GMAT Instructor
Stacey Koprince - Manhattan Prep - GMAT Instructor
Montreal, Quebec
University of Michigan (Biology)
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Stacey Koprince

In addition to her teaching duties, Stacey runs her own consulting business in the Bay Area, specializing in comprehensive corporate strategy. As with all management consultants, she is an expert in any topic and on any problem a client cares to pose. Over the past eight years, she has gotten quite good at telling other people what to do, including such clients as Intel, various European banks and AT&T (are there any consultants left who haven’t worked for AT&T?). She is also quite good at traveling to exotic locales on someone else’s dime (New Zealand is her favorite to date).

Before starting her fabulous consulting career, Stacey earned a biology degree from the University of Michigan, where she began her teaching career as the first undergraduate organic chemistry lab assistant. (She also worked as a university fundraiser, a barrista, an admin for a doctor’s office, a short-order cook, an emergency-room gopher… you’re probably beginning to get an idea why the consultant’s life is for her.)

Post-degree, she moved to Boston without a job and promptly began working for Another Test Prep Company when her rent was due. She helped that Other Company launch its medical board preparation programs and began her long and varied history with standardized test instruction. If you can think of the standardized test, she has probably taught it – including, of course, the GMAT, which she has been teaching for more than a decade (and on which she earned a score of 780). Her former students have gone on to such institutions as Columbia, Haas (Berkeley) and HBS. Stacey’s favorite thing about teaching is that moment when she sees the answering spark in her students’ eyes because they thoroughly comprehend a difficult concept.