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Target Test Prep - Founder & CEO
Scott Woodbury-Stewart - Target Test Prep - Founder & CEO
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Scott began his career in education by teaching physics, chemistry, math, and biology. Along the way, he developed a love for helping students excel on standardized tests, and for more than a decade now, Scott has been helping students achieve impressive GMAT scores.

Scott is an adventure seeker who enjoys overcoming challenges. He has piloted planes through the Bermuda Triangle, been scuba diving with Great White Sharks, run the Boston Marathon, and earned a Shodan (Black Belt) in Bujinkan Ninjutsu. His greatest thrill, however, has come from helping his students overcome obstacles to attending the professional schools of their choice.

A passionate teacher who is deeply invested in the success of his students, Scott goes far beyond his students’ expectations in providing them with precise knowledge and usable skills. Scott has helped a wide range of people from all around the world achieve their goals and has logged more than 10,000 hours of GMAT instruction with students from places as diverse as the U.S. and Columbia, the UK and Turkey, Australia and India and most places in between.

Scott’s students characteristically develop a deep mastery of the material tested on the GMAT, because he excels in demonstrating to his students that on the GMAT, as well as in life, simplicity is king, that when they seek simple solutions to complex problems, magical things happen.

Scott is the founder of Target Test Prep and was the lead content developer and curriculum architect for the Target Test Prep GMAT Quant Course, a revolutionary new GMAT course that provides students with a unique competitive advantage on the quant section of the GMAT. Having written over 3,000 realistic practice questions for GMAT quant study and close to 2,000 pages of GMAT quant instructional content, Scott has a deep understanding of the knowledge, skills, and techniques a student needs in order to achieve a high GMAT score. As a consequence, he has been able to provide a steady stream of students to the world’s top business schools, including HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, and Sloan.