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Ron Awad - Veritas Prep - GMAT Instructor
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Growing up in a trilingual household in cosmopolitan Montreal, Ron was unwittingly being groomed to excel at the GMAT. His mother taught languages and his father was a physics professor, giving Ron a deep and balanced background in both disciplines, as well as a strong appreciation for the intricacies of teaching.

After completing an undergraduate degree in computer science from McGill University, Ron worked in the insurance industry and got progressively more involved with the training department. Looking to expand his business background, he scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT on his way to completing an MBA from John Molson School of Business.

Realizing that teaching others was more rewarding to him than office work, Ron started teaching GMAT part time in 2011 and has gotten more engrossed in the minutiae of the exam with each passing day. Whether it’s approximating or eliminating impossible answer choices, there is often a quick way to solve any given GMAT question, and being comfortable with the appropriate concepts can be the difference between a quick correct answer and a protracted frustrating guess.

Ron’s hobbies include weight lifting, hockey, playing strategy games and making bad puns. When not trying to maximize his test score, he’s often trying to maximize his bench press, looking to join the fairly exclusive 400 lbs club in the near future. He is also a big fan of wordplay and is looking to patent some of his namesake GMAT terms such as RON (Rapid Off-hand Numbers) and AWAD (Analytical Writing Assessment Doctor).