Matt Douglas:

Veritas Prep - GMAT Instructor
Matt Douglas - Veritas Prep - GMAT Instructor
East Bay Area
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America’s Pacific Coast from San Diego to Seattle is marked by stunning ocean vistas, majestic seaside cliffs and mountains, and, thanks to Matt Douglas, inspired GMAT students. During the week, Matt teaches classes in San Diego and Orange County in Southern California, but on weekends this nomad of knowledge often takes off to teach in San Francisco or Portland, motivated by passions for both teaching and travel.

A New England native, Matt moved to Southern California for a master’s degree in education and, well, you can’t quite say “he never left” as he frequently travels to teach wherever we can send him, but for the most part he’s stayed, in love with the weather and the lifestyle.

Talk to Matt’s students and one of the most common themes you’ll hear is the inclusiveness of his classes – all are encouraged to participate and discuss while Matt prods students to draw out their own knowledge and not merely have it dictated to them. Matt inspires confidence in his students by demonstrating first that he is confident in them and believes that their insights are going in the right direction. Ever the educational traveler, Matt is in many ways a tour guide for one’s thoughts, walking them through their minds and providing structure and closure that solidifies that spirit of “I can do this.” Matt’s confidence in his students is mirrored by Veritas Prep’s confidence in him, and accordingly he was named Veritas Prep’s Instructor of the Year for 2010.