Kevin Rocci

Magoosh - GMAT Expert
Kevin Rocci - Magoosh - GMAT Expert
Berkeley, CA
BA, University of California, Santa Cruz
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Kevin has an insatiable appetite for education, adventure, problem solving, human psychology, and technology. Fortunately, the 21st century allows him to pursue all these disciplines in the wonderful world of online education! He is unbelievably stoked to engage all his passions at Magoosh and help students from across the globe succeed. :)

His journey has been circuitous (but perhaps that is normal). Growing up in Carlsbad, Ca., he always had an affinity for math and science, but when he entered UC Santa Cruz, he fell in love with the humanities and dedicated himself to reading, writing, and talking about politics, literature, religion, film, and philosophy. During this time, he discovered his penchant for teaching, and he quickly spent the next 12 years teaching kids, training teachers, coaching adults, and tutoring students from Kagoshima, Japan to San Francisco, Ca.

As a teacher and tutor, Kevin places a high value on learning and knows that success for students, and for himself, comes from a life full of cultivating curiosity, reinforcing strengths, and weeding out weakness. He places a high value on friendly, fun interactions because he knows that people learn better when they are having fun. Test prep is serious enough, so he finds ways to lighten up the process as much as possible. :)

When Kevin isn’t helping students completely and totally dominate the GMAT, you can find him surfing along the central coast of California, backpacking among the granite domes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, picking tunes on his guitar under a redwood tree, improving his reverse pendulum table tennis serve, bicycling wherever there is pavement to cycle on, or perfecting his pizza dough recipe.