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Karen identified as a braniac as soon as she took an interest in chess as soon as she took an interest in chess over other the girls’ fascination with Barbie Dolls. She earned her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of San Diego and spent nine years as a linguistics professor at, among other colleges, the University of Michigan. She published one book and numerous articles in her particular area of expertise, English Language grammar. In addition, she has written and taught test materials for Stanley Kaplan, and has nine years of experience as a GMAT tutor, including work with American native English speakers and non-native speakers from Japan, Korea, Venezuela, and numerous other countries. A dedicated and resourceful teacher, Karen is one of TPNY’s top verbal experts and the developer of our Verbal Reasoning MCAT course and GMAT Verbal course. Both courses are excellent preparation for native English speakers and are absolutely indispensable for non-native speakers, who often find that more one-size-fits-all courses don’t address their needs. She has developed a revolutionary method of Accent Reduction for our non-native English-speaking clients. She works with clients in person in Boston and New York, and others through our distance-learning program. She is the co-author of our newly released GMAT Sentence Correction book and upcoming MCAT Verbal Reasoning book, both published by Nova Press.