Jeffrey Miller

Target Test Prep - COO & Head GMAT Instructor
Jeffrey Miller - Target Test Prep - COO & Head GMAT Instructor
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Jeff likes to think of himself as an average guy who does above average things for the GMAT students to whom he has dedicated his efforts. After graduating from Washington and Lee in 2004 with a degree in history, Jeff began his career on Wall Street, where he got his first taste of standardized exams—passing the series 7, 63, and 66 tests before setting his sights on an MBA program.

In 2007, Jeff discovered a love for teaching and for helping students earn top GMAT scores. Rather than continue to pursue business school, Jeff helped launch Target Test Prep. Since then, Jeff has successfully logged over 10,000 hours of GMAT tutoring. From his home in Brooklyn, with support from his cat/officemate Edward, he has tutored students from all over the world. He is proud to say that his students have attended many of the top business schools across the globe and that some of these students have even managed to outscore him on the GMAT. In addition to developing his skills as a master GMAT tutor, Jeff has spent years assisting in the creation of Target Test Prep’s unique GMAT math curriculum—the cornerstone of Target Test Prep.

During those years of writing and solving thousands of GMAT practice questions, Jeff has learned to think like the test makers; this keen insight helps his students gain a solid understanding of exactly what issues the GMAT questions are engineered to test. Jeff is also a master performance coach who helps his students develop a winning mindset. Since Jeff was once a GMAT student himself, he understands that hard work and dedication are critical elements to one’s success on the GMAT.

When Jeff is not tutoring (which is not often) he likes to be outside, running and biking in Prospect Park with his wife Catherine. Jeff also likes to exercise his coaching skills in arenas other than standardized exams. Drawing on his experience of playing lacrosse in both high school and college, he has spent time teaching the sport to youth in New York City. He hopes to one day coach a high school team in Brooklyn.