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Japinder Kaur - e-GMAT - Quant Expert
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Japinder is a person who believes in hard work, and in making an effort to stay true to her heart and passion. A graduate from the Indian School of Business, one of the best B-schools in India and among the top 40 schools worldwide, Japinder has been a straight-A student throughout her academic career. She has also scored 760/800 in the GMAT and 1560/1600 in the GRE, both in her first attempts.

An avid reader from her childhood, she dreamt of being a writer one day. She feels proud of making it happen. Her book Vocabulary Advantage has been published by Pearson and teaches difficult English vocabulary creatively- through a combination of stories and etymology.

While writing the book (it took an year and a half), Japinder taught worked part-time at a GRE coaching institute, to stay in touch with the people she was writing her book for. She soon discovered how much she loved teaching! And, she loved experimenting with pedagogical tools- use of dramatics, visual aids, stories and examples from everyday life- to make learning easier for her students. It gave her an immense high to see a student finally light up with understanding of a concept that he had previously struggled with.

This led to her next creative challenge- a GRE coaching institute. From humble beginnings with two students, she achieved rock star status in the local market within two years. The loyalty of her students and the excellent results they achieved still give Japinder an awesome sense of achievement. After two years of entrepreneurial roller coaster, Japinder went for an MBA and now post-MBA, she is delighted to be back in the test prep domain with e-GMAT. At e-GMAT, she has the support of a wonderfully accomplished team and technology tools, both of which she had struggled to build at her own venture. She is responsible for developing the Quant course for GMAT students and is loving the comeback of the same rush of thrill and creative excitement that she felt while working on her book and her venture.

Apart from teaching, Japinder is passionate about her daily walks and healthy eating. She also loves to collect research articles on positive psychology and to learn new skills that she previously considered to be challenging (cooking being the latest).