Ian Stewart

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Ian Stewart - GMATiX - GMAT Instructor
McGill University (MSc Mathematics); City University, London (PhD Music)
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Ian Stewart

Ian completed a Masters in Mathematics (Number Theory) at Montreal’s McGill University, where he was a TA and tutorial leader for courses in calculus, real analysis and abstract algebra. He also taught mathematics at two other Montreal-based institutions and worked for a mathematics research institute before moving to London in 2000 to pursue a PhD. Ian landed in the world of GMAT almost by chance- GMAT teaching was the first mathematics job he saw advertised while in London. What began as a part time teaching job seven years ago has evolved into much more, and now Ian spends much of his time developing test prep materials for his students, devising high level test taking strategies, and researching the GMAT scoring algorithm. In the summer of 2008, with another GMAT teacher and two internet entrepreneurs, he co-founded the GMAT and MBA resource site, www.gmatix.com.

Ian pursues many other interests outside of mathematics. Over the past five years, he has worked as a film critic and section editor for an international arts magazine, and was president of a national arts organization. Music has held a continual fascination for him since he first picked up a guitar at the age of twelve. He completed his PhD in the subject (in composition) at London’s City University in 2007. His music has been performed worldwide, and for the past five years he has worked as a Visiting Lecturer at two London universities, teaching courses in composition, music history and acoustics. He performs and records with two bands, organizes events for London art galleries, and freelances as a producer and mastering engineer for various record labels.