Esther Magna:

Stacy Blackman Consulting - MBA Admissions Consultant
Esther Magna - Stacy Blackman Consulting - MBA Admissions Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
UCLA (BA), UCLA Anderson (MBA), UCLA School of Public Health (MPH)
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Esther Magna received a joint Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and in Public Health (MPH) at the Anderson School, UCLA.

Esther has coached dozens of applicants in her work with Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) and has happy clients at top programs, including clients whose applications were so compelling that full tuition scholarships were awarded. Esther is also one of several on the SBC team who speaks with initial inquiries. In that capacity, she has talked to over 1500 aspiring MBA applicants from around the world about the value of the MBA and the overall strength of their candidacy. From India to Latin America and everywhere in between, Esther continues to influence the MBA plans for countless individuals.

In addition to consulting for MBA applicants, Esther spearheads philanthropic and community endeavors. For her annual “Bundles of Happiness” project, Esther has secured over $900,000 of product donations from major companies, including Disney, the Dodgers, and CBS, for distribution to gravely-ill children throughout the West Coast. Esther’s finesse lies in her ability to position her programs in ways that uniquely resonate as a “win- win” to her audiences. Applying her marketing acumen to benefit thousands of ill children has been Esther’s passion for two decades.

Esther’s other professional experiences include Senior Strategy and Marketing Consultant roles at an innovative medical device company and integrated healthcare institution. In those roles, Esther has created winning business plans, financial reports, strategic analyses, corporate position statements and sales-driven proposals.