Erika John

PrepScholar GMAT - Lead GMAT Instructor and Content Manager
Erika John - PrepScholar GMAT - Lead GMAT Instructor and Content Manager
Cambridge, Massachusetts
University of Washington (BS)
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After receiving her degree in Physiology from the University of Washington, Erika took what she thought would be a short-term position teaching at a private tutoring academy while she studied for the MCAT. Several years and many score reports later, she was directing the academy, developing all new curricula for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and a variety of APs and SAT IIs, and loving every minute of it.

Writing test content was an obvious choice for Erika, so when an opportunity arose to write SAT/ACT content at PrepScholar, she bade the Pacific Northwest farewell and took a harrowing plane ride from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts with her two very unhappy cats (for concerned readers, they have since forgiven her). Now, Erika is putting her 99th percentile GRE and GMAT scores to work as lead instructor and content manager for PrepScholar's new GRE and GMAT programs.

Over her time at PrepScholar, Erika has contributed to writing and editing thousands of GMAT questions and explanations, in addition to hundreds of lessons. She loves working at an edtech company because it provides the same quality of education as personal tutoring, but at a much lower cost and for a much wider set of students.

In her spare time, Erika enjoys exploring the Northeast and scoping out new taco joints. Erika still hasn't taken the MCAT, but she hopes that soon, she'll be able to write it instead.