Brandon Dorsey

Veritas Prep - GMAT Instructor
Brandon Dorsey - Veritas Prep - GMAT Instructor
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Duke University (BS); Carlson (MBA)
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A longtime member of the Beat the GMAT community, Brandon began his BTG career as Osirus0830, a GMAT student in search of advice.  Quickly he became one of the most active and well-respected users in BTG forum history, raising his score to 730 in the process and securing a full scholarship to the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota.  But Brandon wasn’t done with the GMAT, having relished his role as it turned from student to teacher in the forums.  Unthinkably, he dove back into his GMAT studies in search of the 99th percentile score required to teach for a top company, and now Osirus the student has become Brandon the Veritas Prep teacher.

A Duke University graduate and current student at Carlson, Brandon has always gravitated toward teaching and mentorship roles, founding the Duke chapter of IMPACT while a student, volunteering as a GMAT tutor while employed as a trader in Chicago, and mentoring in youth programs for most of his adult life.  Having used the Beat the GMAT community to beat the GMAT, personally, he is thrilled to have this opportunity to help you do the same!