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Scholarships, Grants & Loans: Tips for Funding Your MBA

by Beat The GMAT on Jan 13, 2018

[youtube][/youtube] Once you have made your choice of which schools to apply to, it is time for another serious decision—how are you going to finance your studies? In this video, Rebekah Lewin, [...]

60 Days Until MBA R2 Deadlines: A Week To Week Guide

by Beat The GMAT on Nov 7, 2017

[youtube][/youtube] Now is the time to turn our focus to Round 2 applications. With just 60 days until the first deadlines, there is a TON of work to be done. In this [...]

MBA Strategy 101: Why MBA? Why Now?

by Beat The GMAT on Apr 8, 2017

[youtube][/youtube] Every adcom wants to know: "Why an MBA? Why now?" In this video, Susan Cera, Director of MBA Admissions at Stratus Admissions Counseling, shares the importance of self-reflection and clear [...]

How to Get into H/S/W with an Imperfect Profile

by Beat The GMAT on Mar 17, 2017

[youtube][/youtube] Nobody is perfect. When applying to top MBA programs, there are things you can do to address your imperfections. In this video, Susan Cera, Director of MBA Admissions at Stratus Admissions [...]

Show International Experience When Applying to B-School

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Jul 10, 2016

The ability to work well with people from other cultures has never been more critical. More companies than ever are conducting international business, and business schools everywhere have spent the [...]

Push or Pull? The Decision to Leave the Military and Pursue an MBA

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Jun 15, 2016

In the first of our new series of guest posts directed at military applicants, army veteran and Cornell MBA Peter Sukits shares candid, actionable advice for military veterans considering a [...]

5 MBA Application Myths Debunked

by Beat The GMAT on Mar 31, 2016

[youtube][/youtube] Shaifali Aggarwal, a Stratus Prep Senior MBA Admissions Strategist and Harvard Business School graduate, debunks 5 common application myths. Shaifali and the Stratus Prep team have helped thousands of [...]

3 Tips for Applying to B-School After Years in the Workforce

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Jan 10, 2016

The average age of business school applicants has been trending downward for the past decade, and with that, work experience expectations have shifted as well. But not everyone is ready or [...]

Applying to B-School With Limited Work Experience

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Dec 13, 2015

There is no single right time to go to business school. Every MBA applicant has his or her own unique professional goals and timetable, and while the vast majority of [...]

3 Research Tips for Veterans Applying to B-Schools

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Nov 23, 2015

Although some armed forces veterans might not immediately see the correlation between their skills and experiences from the military and those needed to lead a Fortune 500 company, the truth is that business [...]

Adcom Secrets: 5 Key Tips to MBA Success

by Beat The GMAT on Aug 13, 2015

[youtube][/youtube] Emily Warter, Assistant Director of Recruitment for the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, shares the top 5 things the Adcom looks for in MBA candidates. [...]

Mitigating Your MBA Weakness

by Beat The GMAT on Apr 12, 2015

[youtube][/youtube] Joe El Rady, Director of Admit Advantage and a Stanford/Wharton MBA alum, reviews how to address key challenges plaguing typical applicants—including poor grades, a low GMAT score, work history gaps, [...]

Non-Traditional Applicants: Articulating the MBA Fit

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 24, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] Kofi Kankam, Co-Founder of Admit Advantage and a Wharton & Harvard MBA graduate, reviews the key steps for candidates with atypical professional and academic backgrounds to build a compelling admissions [...]

Inside Scoop: 10 Must Haves to Get Into Top B-Schools in R2

by Beat The GMAT on Sep 23, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] [Editor's Note]: The audio is slightly distorted throughout this session, yet discernible for easy listening. We appreciate your understanding. Shawn O'Connor, renowned admissions expert, Forbes columnist, and Stratus Prep [...]

Admissions Tip: Addressing Unemployment or Gaps in Employment

by Clear Admit on Jul 11, 2014

Given the emphasis that schools place on a candidate’s work experience, it is important to be proactive in addressing gaps in employment. When applying to business school, many candidates worry [...]

Getting Accepted with Limited Work Experience

by Beat The GMAT on May 9, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] Aimee Akimoff, Director of Recruitment at Willamette University , provides insight on how to select an MBA program that will help you meet your career goals and be a successful [...]

Preparing for the Fall Application Cycle

by Beat The GMAT on May 1, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] In this video, Marc Zawel, Co-Founder of AcceptU , offers advice on preparing for the fall MBA application cycle. [...]

Admissions Tip: Avoiding Red Flags

by Clear Admit on Apr 26, 2014

When applying to the top schools, it is important to avoid “red flags” in your application. For the uninitiated, red flags are negative items that stand out in your file [...]

Engineers? Successfully Building a Bridge to an MBA

by Beat The GMAT on Apr 3, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] [Viewer's Note: Some audio interference occurred throughout the live session and resultantly there are moments of dropped audio. Marc was aware of the audio issues as they occurred, and [...]

How to Get Into Your Dream B-School

by Beat The GMAT on Mar 30, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] Gary Christensen, Director of Graduate Admissions at The University of Tampa , along with his counselors provides 10 tips to increase your chances of getting into your dream b-school. [...]

Selling Yourself: Stand Out to Get In

by Beat The GMAT on Feb 24, 2014

[youtube][/youtube] Adam Tank, an MBA student at the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management , discusses strategies for how to best market yourself throughout the MBA admissions process. [...]

How to Make a Strong B-School Application

by Beat The GMAT on Dec 9, 2013

[youtube][/youtube] Hima Bindu, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at the Indian School of Business , provides some solid input on how to make your b-school application strong and stand out during [...]

Stanford GSB Debunks MBA Admissions Myths

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on Dec 8, 2013

The Stanford MBA Admission Blog has published a trio of posts designed to dispel some of the misleading myths that continue to confound applicants. From interview questions to recommendation letter [...]

10 Best Actions to Enhance Work Experience & Recommendation Letters

by Beat The GMAT on Dec 1, 2013

[youtube][/youtube] Jim Deranek, Director of Admissions at the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management , outlines the 10 best actions you should be doing now in order to provide relevant [...]

Top 10 R2 Application Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

by Beat The GMAT on Nov 25, 2013

[youtube][/youtube] Shawn O'Connor, HBS graduate, Forbes author, and Founder & CEO of Stratus Prep, outlines the Top 10 application mistakes to avoid at all costs when applying to an MBA program [...]

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