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Understanding Negation and Sample spaces

by e-GMAT on April 11, 2019

  Introduction Purpose: The purpose of this article is to help you think about negating statements so that you can apply the negation test for CR assumption [...]

Critical Reasoning Assumption Questions – Let’s Play Jenga!

by Manhattan Prep GMAT on March 15, 2018

Some Critical Reasoning question types are pretty straightforward about what you’re being asked to do. On a Strengthen the Argument question, for example, many students [...]

GMAT: Spot the Math Traps in Critical Reasoning

by Manhattan Prep on March 8, 2018

As soon as I saw this question, I knew I had to write about it. The ability to handle this question depends on a certain [...]

GMAT and Flu Season: Making Assumptions

by Manhattan Prep on February 19, 2018

Don't miss Stacey's key takeaways for CR Assumption problems.

Executive Assessment: Verbal Strategies – Part 3

by Manhattan Prep on December 23, 2017

Don't miss more of Stacey's key takeaways for EA Critical Reasoning.

GMAT Critical Reasoning: Assumption without Negation

by Veritas Prep on February 19, 2017

Think about how the argument is built and what building blocks are necessary for it to have a strong foundation.

Don’t Apply Your Outside Knowledge on Critical Reasoning

by Veritas Prep on December 8, 2016

Try to stick to a concrete plan and methodology. Don’t let the GMAT distract you!

Introduction to GMAT Critical Reasoning

by Magoosh GMAT on November 17, 2016

Integrate these strategies and you'll be able to crack GMAT Critical Reasoning questions faster and more accurately.

Land Your Score: Assumptions in Critical Reasoning

by Kaplan GMAT on November 16, 2016

Assumption questions ask for unstated evidence supporting the argument.

Critical Reasoning Premises Cannot Be Challenged but Conclusions Can Be

by Manhattan Review on October 6, 2016

Don't fall into the author's trap on Critical Reasoning.

The GMAT Avengers Challenge of the Week: CR Assumptions – Part 2

by Sorin Istrate on September 12, 2016

Can you solve this week's Avengers challenge?

Top 5 Best GMAT Verbal Strategies

by Ready4 GMAT on September 9, 2016

Check out these five great GMAT Verbal strategies proposed by Prep4GMAT.

The GMAT Avengers Challenge of the Week: CR Assumptions – Part 1

by Sorin Istrate on August 29, 2016

Can you solve this week's Avengers challenge?

Mind the Critical Reasoning Gap

by Veritas Prep on July 14, 2016

Get valuable guidance on how to mind the gap in Critical Reasoning questions.

GMAT Critical Reasoning: More on Assumption Questions

by Magoosh GMAT on April 27, 2016

Study this powerful technique for isolating assumptions of arguments.