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MBA Admissions Myths Destroyed: They Won’t Notice My Weakness!

by Jeremy Shinewald on November 22, 2010

At mbaMission, we frequently get asked, “If I write the optional essay about my [low GMAT score, low GPA, bad semester in college, long [...]

4 Steps To Prepare for MBA Round 2 Deadlines

by Linda Abraham on November 15, 2010

Roughly two months to go until the deadlines of early January – the deadlines you don’t want to miss if you can help it. [...]

Thoughts on Stanford’s What Matters Most Essay

by Tyler Cormney on November 12, 2010

Stanford’s first essay question asks: “What matters most to you and why?” Many applicants tell me that they struggle with this essay question more than any [...]

MBA Admissions Myths Destroyed: I Have No Real Options!

by Jeremy Shinewald on November 10, 2010

A few years ago, Harvard Business School (HBS) made a change to its application essay questions that surprised many. Its previously mandatory “long- and short-term [...]

The Worst Question to Ask Yourself When Writing Application Essays

by David Ragsdale on November 7, 2010

Applying to business school takes a lot of effort. Sometimes you wish you could have a month or two off from your job just to [...]

Admissions Tip: Essay Basics

by Clear Admit on November 5, 2010

We often stress that, to present oneself effectively in one’s application essays, it is critical to think carefully about what a given question [...]

Giving Yourself Enough Time For Your MBA Application

by Stacy Blackman on November 3, 2010

Although some candidates believe they produce their best work under a short period of time, it is not a good decision to try to finish [...]

Shhh…I’m Going to Tell You an MBA Essay Secret

by Linda Abraham on October 30, 2010

Lock the doors and windows. Close the blinds. Make sure no one is looking. Pull up a chair. I’m going to tell you a secret. [...]

Save My Essay! “Most Difficult Professional Experience” Part 2

by Jim Jacobson on October 27, 2010

Last time, I mentioned some key questions to ask in every essay, and provided this hybrid of many of the things I’ve seen in essay [...]

Admissions Tip: Word Limits

by Clear Admit on October 24, 2010

The question of how strictly applicants need to adhere to word limits is one we get a lot at Clear Admit. MBA candidates naturally [...]

Save My Essay! “Most Difficult Professional Experience” Part 1

by Jim Jacobson on October 24, 2010

We are of course at the beginning of MBA application season, so it’s time for another installment from the hypothetical archives, where I present to [...]

The Two Levels of Your Application

by Linda Abraham on October 18, 2010

When we interact socially, we talk on two different planes. With people that we are meeting for the first time, we try to find common [...]

Admissions Tip: Know Your Audience

by Clear Admit on October 12, 2010

As deadlines lay both behind and in front of us, applicants are coming to understand that applying to business school is an incredibly demanding process. [...]

Your Future Career Path: Get Ready to Write About It!

by Stacy Blackman on October 9, 2010

Many candidates see business school as a great opportunity to figure out what sort of career path they want to pursue in the future. MBA [...]