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What Does the MBA Admissions Committee Really Want

by Stacy Blackman on January 15, 2019

When you’re hard at work on your MBA applications, it’s easy to get caught up in what sounds great to you, or what seems impressive [...]

Personal MBA Coach’s January MBA Planning Kick-Start: Part 2: Building And Improving Your Extracurricular Profile

by Personal MBA Coach on January 14, 2019

To give you a head start and keep you on track in the new year, Personal MBA Coach has developed a 4 part series: MBA Planning Kick-Start! Check out [...]

January 2019 Event Roundup

by mbaMission on January 10, 2019

Are you applying to business school this year? If so, you can enroll in one of our free business school workshops, which are offered both [...]

Early Action/Decision and Rolling Admissions MBA Options

by Stratus Admissions Counseling on January 8, 2019

In the undergraduate admissions process, Early Action is a non-binding option for applicants to get an early notification of admissions, in contrast to Early Decision, [...]

Professor Profiles: HEC Paris’s Anne Laure Sellier

by Stacy Blackman Consulting on January 7, 2019

Having the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest minds in business is one of the top motivators for many applicants considering an MBA [...]

Personal MBA Coach’s January MBA Planning Kick-Start: Part 1: Making Your Career Work Harder For You

by Personal MBA Coach on January 4, 2019

Eat healthier. Exercise more. Spend more time with your family. These may be some of the new year’s resolutions you had in mind. But for those [...]

What Are My Chances at Harvard Business School?

by Stratus Admissions Counseling on January 1, 2019

Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton and other top business schools have become so competitive that none can be called a target anymore, even if [...]

Is There a ‘Right’ Age for Business School?

by Stacy Blackman on December 31, 2018

The profile of the typical business school applicant has changed significantly over the past decade. Once upon a time, few would contemplate applying without first [...]

Last Minute Letter of Recommendation Tips

by Personal MBA Coach on December 28, 2018

Whether you dragged your feet in asking for an LOR or your recommender has had too many other things on his/her plate, you might find [...]

Must Read Tips for an MBA Personal Statement

by Stratus Admissions Counseling on December 26, 2018

For most MBA applicants to business school, their chances of acceptances will frequently boil down to their Admissions Essays. It is one of the [...]

MBA and Social Entrepreneurship

by Stacy Blackman on December 24, 2018

The notion of using a management degree to do good while doing well has grown in popularity on today’s business school campuses, where an ever-increasing [...]

How to Write an Unforgettable Business School Essay

by Stratus Admissions Counseling on December 21, 2018

For most qualified MBA applicants, the difference between getting accepted or getting dinged usually comes down to a compelling Personal Statement. There is no denying [...]

How to Introduce Without an Introduction and Own Your Story in MBA Application Essays

by mbaMission on December 20, 2018

Most high school students in the United States are taught to write essays that have a formal introduction, a body that supports that introduction, and [...]

Your MBA Application Checklist

by Personal MBA Coach on December 19, 2018

With just a few weeks left until MBA application deadlines, it is time to make your list and check it twice. While most checklists will [...]

Leverage your Banking Resume to get an MBA at Harvard, Wharton or Stanford

by Stacy Blackman on December 18, 2018

The strong work ethic associated with investment bankers and money managers and the prestige that comes with working for a big brand are attributes that [...]