Articles by David Ragsdale

Misplaced Modifiers and How They Work

by David Ragsdale on July 9, 2011

"I'm installed on most computers" sounds silly, right? Avoid this kind of mistake by mastering modifiers.

The Secret to Finding Things on the GMAT

by David Ragsdale on June 26, 2011

David reveals the most important tool for finding errors, traps, patterns, and more.

Overcoming the Sunk Cost Fallacy in Pacing

by David Ragsdale on June 12, 2011

Taking too long on any one GMAT question? Letting go and moving on can be your best strategy.

Non-Obvious Ways to Improve Your Applications

by David Ragsdale on May 31, 2011

Business schools look at thousands of applications every year. With so many people competing for the limited number of spaces available, you need to make [...]

5 Things High-Scoring Essays Have in Common

by David Ragsdale on May 22, 2011

What makes a good AWA? David Ragsdale breaks it down.

The Magic of Complementary Probability

by David Ragsdale on May 14, 2011

Learn how using a flanking maneuver can save you time and hassle on seemingly hard probability problems.

Working with Perfect Tenses

by David Ragsdale on May 6, 2011

Learn how "perfect" tenses are used on the GMAT on difficult SC questions.

Weakening Arguments – Real Life vs. the GMAT

by David Ragsdale on April 28, 2011

Surprise! The GMAT is not the same as real life. Here's some differences in these Weaken the Argument questions.

Data Sufficiency Strategies: Pieces of the Puzzle

by David Ragsdale on April 12, 2011

David explains the "Pieces of the Puzzle" approach for Data Sufficiency questions.

Simple and Compound Interest

by David Ragsdale on March 26, 2011

The GMAT will occasionally test your facility with calculating interest. Savings accounts, checking accounts, money-market accounts, investment accounts — these are all examples of accounts [...]

Simultaneous Equations in Data Sufficiency

by David Ragsdale on March 10, 2011

Let’s say that 2x + 8y = 14. What is the value of x? The answer: there’s no way to tell. For any value of [...]

How Can I Speed Up My Pacing on the GMAT?

by David Ragsdale on March 2, 2011

You can’t teach the GMAT very long without getting certain questions. One that you can count on hearing as regularly as the tide comes in [...]

What Does the GMAT Mean by the Word “Inference”?

by David Ragsdale on February 22, 2011

Suppose you were taking a GMAT class with me. One day you’re sitting in the room waiting for class to begin. Torrential rain is pouring [...]

Count Nouns and Mass Nouns — Choosing the Right Modifier

by David Ragsdale on February 13, 2011

Have you every wondered whether you should say, “There were less cars on the road today than usual,” or “There were fewer cars on the [...]