Articles by Jonathan Bethune

The Top 25 Business Quotes

by Jonathan Bethune on January 16, 2011

Whether you’re procrastinating on your Round 2 MBA applications or just looking for a little business inspiration, check out these business quotes from some of [...]

Top 10 Business Shows

by Jonathan Bethune on January 8, 2011

If you’re preparing yourself for an MBA program and a career in business, you’ll need to get acquainted with the media’s representation of the business [...]

Video Games to Get You Ready for B-School (Seriously)

by Jonathan Bethune on November 12, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, video games aren’t just for killing an idle Thursday evening. In fact, a variety of recent studies have begun to demonstrate [...]

GMAT History: How Would You Have Done on the Original Exam?

by Jonathan Bethune on October 27, 2010

Thanks to a recent GMAT question archiving project, I had the opportunity to take a trip down GMAT memory lane. The things I uncovered about [...]

5 Uncommon GMAT Verbal Question Types, and How to Approach Them

by Jonathan Bethune on September 30, 2010

Not all question types are created equal when it comes to the GMAT verbal section. About half of all Critical Reasoning questions ask you to [...]

The Top 10 Business Movies

by Jonathan Bethune on August 31, 2010

So you’ve perfected your application, done 50+ internships, put together a dazzling essay, and scored a perfect 800 on the GMAT. Fantastic. But what awaits [...]

How Much English Do You Need to Know for the GMAT Verbal Section?

by Jonathan Bethune on August 9, 2010

As someone who has been mocked by Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese people (in that order) for tragic attempts at speaking their respective languages, I [...]