Articles by Dr. Shelly Watts

MIT Sloan Full-Time MBA

by Dr. Shelly Watts on July 10, 2015

MIT Sloan School of Management is a unique program in that it is housed on the MIT campus, is viewed as an integral part of [...]

The NYU Stern Executive MBA Program

by Dr. Shelly Watts on July 9, 2015

Many senior managers, executives and entrepreneurs look to New York University’s Stern Executive MBA (EMBA) program for their first-choice EMBA. The reason for this is [...]

Answers to Top Questions: Applying to B-School

by Dr. Shelly Watts on May 14, 2015

Here are the answers to some of the most common admissions questions.

Key Factors to Consider in an EMBA Program: Scheduling

by Dr. Shelly Watts on March 18, 2015

One of the greatest benefits of Executive MBA (EMBA) programs is that you can advance your career and learn new skills without falling behind in [...]

The Berkeley Haas EMBA 2015 Application

by Dr. Shelly Watts on February 27, 2015

Berkeley Haas’ EMBA application rings similar to last year’s application, and even similar to the full-time MBA application. The Haas EMBA application consists of 5 main [...]

The Best Executive Education Programs of 2014

by Dr. Shelly Watts on February 26, 2015

The Financial Times released their rankings for the best open enrollment Executive Education programs of 2014. Booth, Darden, and INSEAD show improvement in ranking The Financial Times [...]

How to Tackle the 2015 UCLA-Anderson EMBA Application

by Dr. Shelly Watts on February 23, 2015

There is still time to complete an excellent application for the 2015 UCLA-Anderson EMBA application! But first, there are a couple things you should know. First, [...]

What Does it Mean to be Team Fuqua?

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 26, 2015

If you’ve been researching top business schools, you’ve probably heard of Team Fuqua. Maybe you know that Duke MBA and EMBA students rally together and [...]

Why Choose INSEAD’s Asia Campus?

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 25, 2015

Singapore is the home of INSEAD’s Asia Campus. Inarguably the world’s most internationally diverse business school, INSEAD is unique in that it pioneered the way [...]

An Executive in Abu Dhabi at INSEAD

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 24, 2015

Of INSEAD’s three campuses, the Abu Dhabi campus is the school’s newest and is open only to executive education students and students in the Global [...]

Learn About the Duke Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 22, 2015

The Duke-Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA (EMBA) program is based on the idea of creating leaders of consequence. Fuqua leaders are expected to give and to [...]

Why Choose Berkeley Haas EMBA

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 21, 2015

Do you want to learn surrounded by Vice Presidents of the world’s most impactful healthcare organizations, executives of Warner Bros. Productions, fellows of Raytheon and [...]

What the Top EMBA Programs Offer Outside the Classroom

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 19, 2015

Once you’ve narrowed down your short-list of schools to apply to and start looking at the top five executive MBA programs, all are exceptional in [...]

Best EMBA Programs for Younger Executives

by Dr. Shelly Watts on January 18, 2015

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs generally target older professionals with a heavy resume of work experience. However, for younger candidates, given the right profile and accomplishments [...]