Articles by Jeremy Wilson

Most Job Seekers …

by Jeremy Wilson on June 16, 2016

… search for jobs on LinkedIn, apply to jobs online, and send their resumes across to generic email addresses hoping for a response. On the other [...]

Pulling a Hat out of a Rabbit

by Jeremy Wilson on June 12, 2016

In most cases, people try to pull a rabbit out of the hat. That’s a problem that is very difficult to solve, and has the allure [...]

The Pursuit of Perfect

by Jeremy Wilson on May 27, 2015

So many people spend all day in search of perfect. We’ve been trained to ever since the first grade. To get a 100% of our fractions [...]

A Month in at Winston & Strawn

by Jeremy Wilson on September 21, 2014

Just about a month ago, I started my new job at a large law firm in Chicago, Winston & Strawn. The time has definitely flown by. In general, [...]

The Importance of Recognizing Patterns

by Jeremy Wilson on June 19, 2014

One of the most important things I noticed working with Seth Godin over the past week was the importance of patterns. This idea was also [...]

Customer, Will You Come Back Soon?

by Jeremy Wilson on June 17, 2014

Want to know if a customer is satisfied? Ask them this question. Or just wait and see if they do. The guy who stops by a new yoga [...]

When to Use the Quit Card

by Jeremy Wilson on June 16, 2014

One of the toughest questions that comes up, is when to use the quit card. There are two things I like to think about when deciding [...]

Imagining Success and Failure

by Jeremy Wilson on May 21, 2014

Our imaginations are extraordinarily active. Sometimes we think about the good that will happen but far more often we imagine the reverse. One of my favorite authors [...]

When Was the Last Time You Did Something the First Time?

by Jeremy Wilson on May 20, 2014

It’s a good question. Something I’ve seen a lot of in the last few weeks. Grad students first day back in school after years of working [...]

Nothing Is for Everyone

by Jeremy Wilson on May 19, 2014

You know this but you ignore it every single time. And you always find out the hard way. If you’re fundraising for Catholic Extension in Chicago, [...]

Revive the Dream: April Session with Teach for America and Josh Anderson

by Jeremy Wilson on May 5, 2014

Just a few weeks ago, I organized and hosted the April session for Revive the Dream. Our 2013 Fellows were lucky to spend the evening with Josh [...]

Revive the Dream: Session 6 with OneGoal and Sarah Berghorst

by Jeremy Wilson on March 23, 2014

Earlier this month, I hosted the March session for the Revive the Dream Program. The RTD program fellows were lucky to spend the evening with Sarah Berghorst, Executive [...]

Yoga, Gratitude, and the Lottery

by Jeremy Wilson on March 21, 2014

One of my heroes (and former colleague last summer) Seth Godin once told a story about the importance of being grateful. The story reminded me a lot of [...]

A Good Plan Today …

by Jeremy Wilson on March 8, 2014

… is usually better than the perfect plan tomorrow. Think about it. How many times has your perfect plan been ruined because something unexpected came up, someone or [...]