Articles by Jake Becker

Maximize Your Study Efficiency

by Jake Becker on February 5, 2010

Let’s face it, studying is not fun. It’s usually something you struggle through, is discouraging, tedious and expensive, and requires faith that it will pay off in the end. Here’s the good news: it will pay off, but only if you do it correctly. These are some good rules to follow:

Sets, Matrices and Venn Diagrams

by Jake Becker on December 21, 2009

Some students like to use Venn diagrams, and others make matrices. Personally, I prefer a matrix format, but there is no “better” way. Here we'll examine both techniques.

Answer to Approximation Question with Explanation

by Jake Becker on December 7, 2009

Let's examine this question from yesterday: The ratio of 2 + √6 to 3 is approximately equal to which of the following ratios?

How Approximation Can Answer Unanswerable Questions

by Jake Becker on December 6, 2009

More advanced students should be comfortable with adjusting, estimating and approximating the given information to accurately come close to the correct answer and orient their focus on the most feasible options.

Geometry Series Part 3: Couple Common Circle Concepts

by Jake Becker on November 20, 2009

One of the key things to remember with circles is that once you know one piece of information, you know everything about the circle itself. [...]

Geometry Series Part 2: Inscribed Triangles

by Jake Becker on November 17, 2009

To start off, let’s quickly review the essentials. These are formulas/concepts you must know: a² + b² = c², but only when a right triangle. If [...]

Geometry Series Part 1: Circles Inscribed in Squares

by Jake Becker on November 14, 2009

In this series, we will cover many types of geometric scenarios encountered on the GMAT. A basic knowledge of simple formulas (area, perimeter, etc.) is [...]

Bob’s Parking Problem….Answer to Yesterday’s Question

by Jake Becker on November 11, 2009

The answer to yesterday’s question.  Try the problem first if you haven’t done so already and click more to see if you got the answer [...]

67.5% of 812 is 15% of what number? Huh?

by Jake Becker on November 10, 2009

Really?  First they tell us we can’t use a calculator, then they tell us we should average 2 minutes per question, and then they give [...]


by Jake Becker on November 2, 2009

The best way to think of inequalities is as equations with slightly less specific information. Instead of providing an exact location, they provide a range [...]

Fractions, Proportions and Ratios, Oh My!

by Jake Becker on October 30, 2009

GMAT questions are notorious for seeming harder than they actually are. The writers recognize time is short, and will give you ostensibly time-consuming calculations. One [...]

Systems of Equations in Data Sufficiency

by Jake Becker on October 19, 2009

If the GMAT Quantitative section were 3 hours, all of our lives would be easier. We could take our time, work through each solution, check [...]


by Jake Becker on October 1, 2009

Factoring can be seen as reverse-multiplication. In essence, it’s division without actually dividing. Knowing when and how to efficiently rearrange mathematical expressions and/or to reduce [...]

Work And Rates

by Jake Becker on September 25, 2009

There is one very important equation that guides all rate and work questions: r = d/t, “rate equals distance over time.” If given any two [...]