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by on August 22nd, 2018

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Want the unrivaled expertise, personalized diagnosis, and schedule flexibility of a private tutor?  And would you also rather not have to pay tutoring prices for that kind of service to raise your GMAT score?
You’re in luck.  While “GMAT self-study” has traditionally meant grinding through prep books or watching recorded lesson videos, Veritas Prep is excited to announce a GMAT self-study program as adaptive as the GMAT itself.  ORION is like a tutor in your pocket (or on your desk), customizing lessons to you to maximize the value of your time as you prepare for the GMAT.  What is ORION?

1) ORION is adaptive.  Using Item Response Theory – the same scoring method used by the GMAT itself – ORION assesses your ability level across 45 thin-sliced GMAT skills, and then customizes curriculum to you to help you best address your weaknesses.

2) ORION is efficient.  ORION’s adaptive algorithm determines when you’ve reached proficiency (and seen a representative breadth of content) within a skill and then graduates you to a higher level of difficulty or moves you on to conquer new ground.  But until you demonstrate that you’re ready to move on from a skill, ORION will keep challenging you with content that addresses your weaknesses.  This way you spend time where it’s most needed.

3) ORION is flexible. With GMAT content sorted into bite-sized skills, you can make meaningful progress toward your dream score in even 20-30 minutes.

4) ORION is fun.  While you can make progress in 20 minutes, we bet you’ll stick around longer.  With gamification techniques to reward you for achievement and in-app hints and cheat sheets to give you a nudge you while you’re challenged, ORION makes GMAT preparation upbeat and habit-forming.

What are people saying about ORION?  Veteran GMAT instructors love the way that ORION organizes practice and prioritizes students’ time:

“This is the best way I’ve ever seen to do homework.  Quickly get familiar with all the angles of the stuff you’re good at, and spend the bulk of your time really working on the things that you’re not.  GMAT prep that’s as adaptive as the test itself…it’s kind of genius.”  -Chris Kane, GMAT instructor

Students of course love their score improvement, and cite the addictive nature of ORION:

“Once I started with my study plan, it took me a month to get my desired score, studying never felt as a burden, on the contrary, it always felt like a game -it is literally like playing an online video game. Sometimes I even felt excited to go back home and keep doing my lessons, and sometimes I would even keep studying for more than double the time than I had previously budgeted, I guess this is what helped me achieve my desired score. Since I started studying with ORION, I couldn’t keep myself away from computer, this is the main reason why I loved the software so much; it kept me engaged, it kept me inspired, and gave me the persistence I had lacked before. I finally got a 700… an enormous weight off of my shoulders!” -Diego Landa, successful student

Interested in seeing what ORION is all about?  You can try it for free at, but be forewarned – it’s addictive.
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