2018 Resolution: Get an MBA:

by on January 27th, 2018

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With the new year are resolutions to make personal and professional changes. If an MBA is in your consideration set, join us to learn what you should be thinking about NOW as you take steps towards reaching your career goals.

In this video, Susan Cera, former MBA admissions committee member at Duke and Director of MBA at Stratus, discusses the importance of understanding your three whys: Why MBA? Why Now? Why This Program?

Here’s what a Stratus client had to say, “When I started the application process, I knew that I wanted to do an MBA, but I had trouble communicating why and what specific role I would be angling for after graduation. The Stratus introspection exercises, along with my counselor’s expert guidance, dramatically clarified my post-MBA career goals, which in turn allowed me to identify programs that had the best fit … I believe everyone should engage in this process before making such a large financial investment in their future.”

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