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by on January 24th, 2018

1The UCLA Anderson School of Management offers four MBA programs: a full-time MBA, a fully-employed MBA, an Executive MBA, and a Global Executive MBA. Below, we’ll be examining their most popular degree, the full-time UCLA MBA, including information on the curriculum, the application process, and the average GMAT score for UCLA’s prestigious program.

UCLA Anderson MBA Curriculum

UCLA Anderson MBA students will begin their studies with a nine-course core curriculum based upon statistics, accounting, economics, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and leadership classes.

At the end of the first year, students will begin taking elective courses, allowing for career specializations in areas like brand management, entertainment, entrepreneurship, health care management, real estate, sustainability leadership, and others.

Second year students will also complete a capstone project, which focuses on applying MBA knowledge to the real world. While there are six capstone options available, there are two that are most common:

  1. Applied Management Research (AMR): Students partner with a top organization, and work towards solving strategic issues.
  2. Business Creation Option (BCO): Students focused on entrepreneurship are given the opportunity to launch their own companies.

UCLA MBA Application Process

The UCLA Anderson School accepts applications in three rounds throughout the year. Exact dates vary year to year, but the Round 1 deadline is typically in early October, Round 2 in early January, and Round 3 in mid-April.

MBA UCLA applicants will be expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit a full transcript from a 4-year Bachelor’s program (3-year programs are acceptable in some instances)
  • Submit a valid score report for the GMAT or GRE
  • Submit a one-page resume detailing their work experience
  • Submit two letters of recommendation (preferably from a manager or direct supervisor)
  • Complete a 750 word (maximum) essay
  • Schedule a ~30-minute interview (on-campus or via Skype)
  • Submit TOEFL/IELTS scores if English is their second language (see UCLA’s English Proficiency Requirements for more info)

Stats and GMAT Score for UCLA

The average GMAT score for UCLA Anderson School students is 716. The GMAT score range for the middle 80% of students is 680-750. The average GPA is 3.5. Suffice to say, Anderson students are an academically robust cohort.

The average graduating class size is 360. Students have an average 5 years of work experience.

Tuition alone is about $56,909 per year for California residents, and $58,588 for non-residents. The estimated annual total tuition and fees (including room/board, travel, student health plan, etc.) comes to $95,431 for California residents, and $97,110 for non-residents.

UCLA MBA Ranking

The UCLA Anderson School regularly ranks within the top 25 U.S. programs, and top 40 international programs, making it quite prestigious.

UCLA Anderson U.S. Rankings

UCLA Anderson International Rankings

GMAT Score UCLA Summary

Four out of five Anderson School students have GMAT scores between the 84th and 99th percentile, so you’ll need to sharpen your test-taking skills to give yourself the best chance at admission.

If you’re determined to take the GMAT for your UCLA Anderson MBA, you can begin the process by following these four simple steps:

  1. Start by taking one of our GMAT Diagnostic Exams.
  2. Decide how much time you need to study—3 months is usually ideal.
  3. Pick a location, choose a date, and register for your exam on
  4. Start studying with Magoosh!

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