How to Write a Great UVA Darden MBA Essay

by on August 17th, 2017

Darden has a new question this year and is giving applicants 500 words to answer:

When preparing for class at Darden, students formulate an opinion on each case before meeting with their learning teams and class sections. When encountering different views and perspectives, opinions frequently shift. Tell us about a time when your opinion evolved through discussions with others.

This is a fairly challenging essay to write, as it will likely be new to most applicants. It is not a typical goals essay, leadership essay, or teamwork essay. Nor is it an open-ended essay like HBS or Stanford where you can take it where you want. Instead, this essay is specific and Darden is looking for something specific from each prospective student: What experience have you had where you changed your opinion, how did this happen, and what did you learn from it and/or do differently next time?

Here are some tips to consider as you write:

1. Be specific.

Darden is not looking for you to give generalities about the importance of listening to others’ perspectives but rather to tell about a time that you were in a specific situation and changed your opinion. So set the context of where you were, who was involved and what specifically happened.

2. Consider global or cultural examples.

This essay is tailor-made for an example that involves people from different countries, cultures, communities, etc. If you can weave in any global experience you have had, all the better. Your example doesn’t have to be professional. You may have had cross-cultural experiences as part of your extracurricular activities.

If you don’t have any global or cultural examples, think about people who simply saw things completely differently from you. Were they from a different part of the country? Completely different background? Rural? Urban? Older? Younger? As our last election showed, people can have wildly differing perspectives from even their neighbor next door.

3. Tie in how you respond to criticism or differing opinions.

Many schools ask applicants’ recommenders how the applicant responds to constructive criticism. With this essay question, Darden is asking you how you respond to people who have different opinions. Is there any sense of arrogance or entitlement or do you come across as a humble leader who is open to hearing others’ opinions?

Ultimately, Darden is trying to gauge how you will react when you are in your learning team or section and someone disagrees with you. Will you take the feedback constructively and learn? Change your opinion? Or will you shut down or be defensive?

4. Focus on learning and improving.

Demonstrate your learnings or takeaways that have helped you improve as a leader. Could you have come to the table better prepared? Could you have listened better to others? What might you do differently next time? What was it about the other people’s comments that made you change your opinion? Think about how you have grown as a result of the experience and try to tie that back to how you will grow during your two years at Darden.

Darden is seeking students who are self-aware and can integrate new information and perspectives as they contribute to the collaborative community. Use this essay to demonstrate that you have the skills and desire to make a positive contribution to the Darden learning environment.

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