Save Money and Time with These GMAT Resources

by on May 23rd, 2017

The amount of time GMAT students spend researching the best prep options is rivaled only by the amount of money spent on unnecessary (and occasionally sub-par) GMAT prep materials. This stops now.

Magoosh’s mission is to make test prep accessible to all. One way that we achieve this is by creating, finding, and aggregating top GMAT prep materials for our students.

When researching and developing GMAT prep resources, we keep several facts in mind:

  1. Successful GMAT prep requires excellent resources
  2. Sometimes the best GMAT prep books aren’t the newest editions
  3. GMAT students are busy, therefore prep needs to be efficient
  4. GMAT students are on a budget, therefore prep needs to be affordable

Given this information, we compiled a comprehensive list of the best GMAT books and resources available today. Some are free and some require payment. All are worth the investment of time and money.

Click here to view our newest resource.

Your prep starts and stops with this material.

Happy Studying!

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