MBA Admissions Mashup: Round 1 Updates & Post-Trump Reflections:

by on November 30th, 2016

Welcome back! Every Wednesday, we share a round-up of the latest news from MBA admissions blogs at the top business schools. This week we see Round 1 & 2 updates as well as reflections on a world post-Brexit and Trump and more!

This week we see a lot of updates from adcoms regarding Round 1 interviews as well as Round 2 deadlines and advice. If you didn’t catch our latest post about Harvard Business School’s updates, check it out here.

Up in Ann Arbor, MI, Soojin Kwon has taken to the Michigan Ross blog to update prospective MBAs regarding their December 16 decision day. “The decisions won’t be made solely on the basis of admissibility, but also on the basis of fit and overall class composition. We strive to craft a diverse class, with students who will bring a wide range of experiences, perspectives and goals. All decisions will be released on Friday, December 16.”

In addition, Kwon mentioned that, for those seeking a little extra insight into the application in time for Ross’ January 2 deadline, the Ross adcom members are hosting an application tips webinar on December 13.

Now that we have a couple of weeks between today and November 8, plenty of us have been able to put our thoughts into perspective regarding the recent U.S. election. Cambridge Judge’s Head of MBA Admissions and Marketing Conrad Chua did just that on the school’s admissions blog. “I have always said that a diverse class is not about collecting passports but to have people with different backgrounds who can provide different insights. And it is by bringing together these different insights into a classroom that will shape the Cambridge MBA graduate. However, when a very high percentage of Cambridge MBAs share the same beliefs, then it does call into question how diverse the class is, and more generally, how diverse is the MBA community.”

At Indiana Kelley, several second-year MBAs took to the blogosphere to convey why they chose the Bloomington business school. Aaron Millicans noted that Kelley’s culture “is very difficult to summarize, but it can be boiled down to supportive and flexible. Kelley has a very supportive and understanding attitude that allows all students to pursue a career of their choice. Regardless of industry, role or location, the Kelley faculty and staff want to understand your goals and aspirations in order to make them a reality.”

That’s all for this week’s edition of MBA Admissions Mashup! Catch us next week!

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